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Group Coaching

Group Coaching helps students reach their goals in a team environment. Joining a group provides students with the opportunity to make friends, meet staff members, and connect with students who have similar interests.  Students who enroll in a coaching group will also receive academic progress reports and build relationships with a Success Coach.

Fall 2013 Coaching Groups:

Out -of-Towner’s

This group is for students who are long car ride, train ride, or plane flight away from home. Learn about your new home away from home while connecting with other out-of-state students.  Topics will include: coping with homesickness, getting to know New Haven and the surrounding, area, and making connections on and off campus.

Friday Afternoon- Times & Locations vary

Commuter Connections

This group is for students who commute to campus.  Commuter Connections is a great way to meet new people, get to know campus resources, and to be social during the lunch hour.  Topics will include: getting involved on campus, UNH bucket list items, and the best kept secrets on UNH's campus.

Wednesday 12:15-1:30 in Maxcy SP1


Pre- Professionals

This group is for students who plan to attend a professional school after graduation (Medicine, Law, Dental, Veterinary Medicine).  Start early and come up with a plan to kick start your career by being intentional about contributing to your success.  Topics will include: admissions criteria, graduate program research, networking for success, and meaningful co-curricular activities.



CAMEP & Beyond

This coaching group is for students who participated in or were eligible for the CAMEP program over the summer.  The group will meet to continue to develop successful strategies and learning skills that will keep you on track for your first semester.  Topics will include: getting organized, managing your time, using tutoring to your advantage, and planning study groups.