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The tenure of President Steven H. Kaplan has been marked by a profusion of positive changes for the University of New Haven over the course of the past several years. Fall 2009 enrollment numbers surpassed the record-setting freshman enrollments of Fall 2008, which exceeded all other schools nationally. New facilities, including the new 403-bed Soundview residence hall, the David A. Beckerman Recreation Center, and the Henry C. Lee Institute of Forensic Science, which was completed in 2010, are testament to the changes enacted since Dr. Kaplan’s arrival. The Ralph F. DellaCamera Stadium, Kayo Field, the Laurel Vlock Center for Convergent Media, a new Systems Engineering laboratory, and new music practice rooms are further evidence of an increased emphasis on campus improvements. New and expanded programs, new faculty, state-of-the-art smart classrooms, increased study-abroad opportunities, nationally recognized leadership in experiential education, a Science and Engineering University Magnet School, and a lengthening list of improvements and initiatives mark these past several years as a time of transformation at the University of New Haven, establishing this institution as one of the finest comprehensive universities in the nation.