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Faculty Positions

List of Open Faculty Positions
Position Title/Search Number (click on title for more information) Posting Date

Assisting Professor in Forensic or Legal Psychology

Visiting Assisting Professor in Chemical Engineering #14-29 04/02/2014
Visiting Assisting Professor in Art- #14-24 03/26/2014
Visiting Assistant Professor in Theater- #14-06 02/11/2014
Assistant Professor in Latin American Studies #14-08 2/07/2014
Assistant Professor Mathematics Education #14-07 2/7/2014
Criminal Justice faculty search #13-35 and #13-95 2/4/2014
Lecturer in Emergency Management and National Security #13-77 1/15/2014
Assistant Professor or Lecturer in Forensic Science #13-97 1/9/2014
Chemical Oceanographer #13-88 1/8/2014
Professional Tutor of Writing #14-WT 1/7/2014
Professional Tutor of Math #14-MT 1/7/2014
Assistant Professor in Forensic Science #13-96 1/7/2014
Assistant Professor in Health Care Administration #13-93 12/19/2013
Assistant Professor of Public Administration #13-94 12/19/2013
Assistant Professor of Mathematics #13-90 12/19/2013
Assistant/Associate Professor of National Security #13-78 12/17/2013
Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering and Wireless Communication #13-99 12/17/2013
Adjunct Faculty in Engineering, Computer Science Information Systems and Technology- EADJ-1213 12/13/2013
Assistant Professor- Civil and Environmental Engineering- #13-98 12/12/2013
Assistant Professor/Lecturer for Emergency Management #13-76 12/10/2013
Director of Math Zone #13-86 11/26/2013
Assistant/Associate/Professor of Forensic Accounting #13-70 11/26/2013
Associate Professor or Lecturer in Fire Science Administration #13-75 11/22/2013
Assistant/Associate Professor of System Engineering and Engineering Management #13-67 11/20/2013
Assistant/Associate Professor-Psychology and Sociology - #13-65  11/5/2013

Application Process:

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University of New Haven
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UNH is an Equal Opportunity, Affirmative Action Employer