Office of Facilities

The Office of Facilities is responsible for the maintenance and operation of existing campus buildings as well as the planning, design and construction of new buildings. We are a 24/7 operation serving the campus community.

Facilities Work Orders

Request assistance from the Office of Facilities by submitting a work order. Work orders can be generated for repairs, maintenance, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, custodial and site services, landscaping services, and more.

Please note: These services are only available to University of New Haven users via their login credentials on myCharger.

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24/7 Phone Service

Call the Facilities Operations Center (24/7 Phone Service)

Call (203) 932-7087

What We Do

Policies and Procedures

  • University of New Haven Events Policy

    The purpose of this policy is to set priorities for facilities usage, define scheduling procedures and policies, provide direction for maximization of space, and establish charges associated with event management and facility usage. Activities shall in no way violate the purposes, property, policies, procedures, or regulations of the University or federal and state laws. All organizations are expected to follow the rules and regulations governing the particular facility or grounds being used.

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  • Orange Campus Operations

    The purpose of this protocol is to outline the overall current operation and permitted uses of the Orange Campus as well as the available support services. In addition this protocol addresses the policies and procedures to be followed for the use of the Orange Campus. This protocol is based on the current state of renovation of the facility as well as zoning and other regulatory requirements related to the renovation plan application.

    View Orange Policy

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State-of-the-Art Facilities

Over the last decade, the University of New Haven has invested more than $250 million in new construction, infrastructure improvements, and curricular additions to enhance and enrich our students’ educational experience.

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Campus Locations and Maps

The University of New Haven is proud to offer world-class programs to both undergraduate and graduate students, in a variety of locations.

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