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Mail Policies

Delivery Policies

  • Please note: There is a 24-hour turnaround for all deliveries.
  • Please provide contact information for at least two (2) people in your department.  This contact information should include cell phone numbers so when a truck delivery or perishable delivery arrives the Mail Department has a way to contact you.
  • When any department expects an oversized delivery, the Mail Department should be notified prior to that delivery.  This includes furniture of any kind or a delivery that requires a loading dock or is over 50lbs.  Any of these deliveries requires coordination with the Facilities Department by the department that would be receiving said delivery.
  • Tractor-trailer trucks are NOT permitted to deliver on campus except for locations that are equipped and staffed to handle such a delivery. These locations include, Bartels Hall and Westside Hall. Box trucks/straight trucks with lift-gates are permitted to deliver to all other areas.  This is to ensure pedestrian safety and maintain open roadways.
  • When ordering, please give instructions for the delivery company to call the Mail Department at 203-932-7201 prior to making deliveries to campus. Information on delivery date and time as well as contact person’s name, department, and cell phone number should be provided. They should also provide the PO # or P-Card # associated with this order. Other information on weight of the shipment, number of pallets, description of item, and any type of special handling, such as hazardous, perishable, etc., is also needed to accept deliveries.
  • This also applies to contractors who may have supplies delivered to this campus.
  • Failure to comply with this policy may necessitate refusal of the delivery. 

Pick-up Policies

  • You must have ID
  • You cannot pick up for anyone else unless you contact the mail department beforehand.
  • Personal packages are items that are not work related. The issues concerning this policy relate to liability, security, and safety and an increase in workload. We understand that at times it may be necessary to have an item shipped to the University due to extenuating circumstances. In these special circumstances, please notify Mark Palmieri ( ahead of time that you are expecting a package and in turn, we can notify you when it arrives. You must go to mail department to pick up - there are no deliveries.

Outgoing Mail Policies

  • Packages and envelopes must come to the mall department ready to ship: sealed, taped up, and addressed along with a return address.
  • The mail department advises the best way to ship. They will weigh and give pricing.

Summer Mailbox Policies

  • Campus police is responsible for opening and closing mailbox locations. In the summer no mail is placed in mailboxes.
  • If students stay in campus housing during summer break, they need to inform the Mail Department so we can hold the mail in our facilities. Students need to follow the summer hours schedule for pick-up.
  • It is the student's responsibility to contact all vendors or personal contacts of his/her new address when leaving campus or not staying in campus housing. The Mail Department only forwards first class mail when a student leaves labels and his/her new address with the mail department.