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Student Spotlights

Name: Jessica Zielinski

Major: Sustainability Studies '15

Branch of Service: United State Air Force


What did you do in the Air Force Jess?

Avionics Technician.  I have no idea how I got pegged for avionics, I am terrible with electronics!

What was your favorite military experience?

Without authorization, myself and some other Airmen rode on a Chinook outside of the wire and were able to fly around the countryside of Iraq. It was much different from being stuck on base and was a great experience.

Awesome! How has your transition into UNH been?

I am enjoying school a lot. I like my professors and the food is great in the dining hall. I also enjoy the cultural diversity. Is it un-lady like of me to be won over with food?! 

Absolutely Not! So, can you explain sustainability studies for those who have never heard of it? 

Sustainability Studies relates to improving the environment. Implementing the use of solar panels, alternative energy sources and applying it to Urban Planning.  Things like that!

Thanks for clarifying that! You’re on a deserted island. 3 things you cannot live without. Go!

 A Swiss Army Knife, Chris, my significant other and a guitar so he can play it for me.

So romantic. Thanks for sharing with the University of New Haven Community Jess!