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FAQ - Troubleshooting


  1. How do I know the SafeConnect Policy Key Client is running?
  2. On devices with Windows you can right-click any blank space on the task bar at the bottom of your screen and select the Task Manager option. When the Windows Task Manager appears, click the Processes tab and look for the SCClient.exe process.
    Mac OS users can open the Activity Monitor located in the Utilities folder. From the Activity Monitor look for the Policy Key process.

  3. If I only use the Internet do I need to install the SafeConnect Policy Key Client?
  4. Yes, the Policy Key must be installed in order for the user to gain access to any network resource including the Internet.

  5. If I am quarantined what will I be able to access?
  6. Generally, you are allowed to browse online support resources that will help you self-service the authentication process. All other network traffic will be blocked until you are properly authenticated.

  7. Is there a list of preferred antivirus software OITwill be checking for?
  8. The University has Sophos, Trend Micro and Intego Antivirus available to students and faculty for personal home computers via insideUNH. However, SafeConnect supports over 25 antivirus applications. The current list can be found at

  9. How often will I need to authenticate
  10. The system is configured to require a login every semester. Your login session is persistent across reboots, network changes and you are able to login to multiple computers concurrently

  11. When trying to install the SafeConnect Policy Key, I receive an error stating, "You do not have administrator privileges to preform this install." What can I do?
  12. You will need to login to your computer with an account that has administrative rights. Please contact the help desk for more assistance if needed.

  13. I downloaded the SafeConnect Policy Key, but I cannot find the ServiceInstaller.exe. Where can I find it?
    • If you did not specify a destination for the ServiceInstaller.exe, it typically will be saved to your Downloads or Desktop folder by default.
    • You may also use the Search feature on your computer 
  14. I tried to install the SafeConnect Policy Key; however, the installation failed. What can I do?
  15. This is typically a sign that the Policy Key is either unable to install correctly, or that, after installation, it is unable to communicate. In this scenario, rather than running the installer program directly, save the executable, and then run it. If this issue still persists you may need to edit your personal firewall settings to allow network access for the SafeConnect program.

  16. My device cannot download or install the SafeConnect Policy Key Client; however, this device requires network access. What can I do?
  17. ALL non-computing devices must be enrolled by joining them to the Devices wireless network. Next open a web browser on your computer and go to and register your device.

  18. I do not know my NetID and/or my NetID password; is it possible to find them myself?
  19. Your Network ID and password are the same that you use for email, registration and blackboard.

  20. I tried and still need help?
  21. Students may contact the Student Technical Support office located in the bookstore by calling 203-932-8324 or visiting between 8:30-4:30 M-F. Faculty/Staff may contact OIT support  at ext 8324.

  1. Need Help?

    Click Here for telephone, email and other I.T. support information.