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Wireless Printing in the Library

UNH is pleased to announce a new service available to all UNH Students...

wireless printing in the library!!

You will need to download the printer driver to your computer and then you'll be able to print your documents directly from your own computer immediately.  The driver software is FREE and standard printing charges apply.  You will be charged the appropriate amount, $.08 per page for single sided or duplex (B&W), and $0.50 per page for single sided or duplex for color.

Downloading the Printer Driver

Please login to insideUNH and go to the Technology page. Find "Download Pharos Printing Software"

  1. Download the file which is appropriate for your computer and location.
  2. An installation window will pop up to begin the driver installation.  Follow the prompts and click Finish when instructed.  The drivers are now downloaded and available for immediate use.

Printing from your Computer

When you are ready to print from your computer, select the appropriate printer on the print screen of the program you are using (e.g. MS Word, Adobe Acrobat, etc.).  After you have selected the printer, choose the remaining options (e.g. number of copies, which pages to print, single-sided or double-sided).  When you have finished, click "Print" to send the print job to the printing station.  You can then go to the corresponding print release station in the Library to retrieve your print job.

Remember:  You will need your UNH ID to print and standard printing charges apply.

$.08 per page for single sided or $.12 duplex for black and white

$0.50 per page for single sided or $.75 duplex for color


For more information or troubleshooting help, contact

  1. Need Help?

    Click Here for telephone, email and other I.T. support information.