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Print Green - FAQs

1.  Where do I have to pay to print?

-  Library and all public computer labs

2.  What is the cost to print?

- 8 cents per sheet for black & white and 50 cents per sheet for color including double-sided.

3.  Can I carry over my printing credit from semester to semester?

- No.  Printing credit will be issued at the start of each term.  Printing credits are issued or reset to the default amount at the start of each term.

4.  When do I receive my print credits?

- Printing credits are applied two to three days prior to the start of the academic term.  Students who register after this point in time will receive print credits the following Monday after they register.

5.  What do I do if I have not received my print credits?

- Explain the issue by sending an email to Include your contact information and your student ID number.

6.  What do I do if I lose my University ID card?

- To prevent theft, immediately logon to Blackboard and deactivate your card; a deactivated card cannot be used to purchase anything.

7.  How do I get a replacement card?

- During normal business hours, pay $10.00 at the Bursar's Office in Maxcy Hall.  You may bring your receipt to Campus Card in the Bookstore at anytime the Card Office is open (see and they will print you a new card.

8.  What do I do if my print job fails?

- Immediately submit a request for a refund at

9.  Can I print without my University ID card?

- No, everyone must have a valid university ID card to release print jobs from the print queue.

10.  Are there a maximum number of print pages per print job?

- No, but charges will apply when your print credits are exhausted

11.  Will my print job complete if it exceeds my available free print credits?

- Yes, if you have sufficient funds available in your Charger Cash account

12.  How can I check my available balances on my university ID card?

- If you have any Print Credits remaining, the amount will show up at the print station when you release your print job.

- You can check your Charger Cash and print funds balances online on Blackboard (Click on the ecard tab once logged in to your Blackboard account).


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