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IT Information for Incoming Students

Network Information

All registered students receive a UNH network account. The account name and password is automatically generated within 1-3 business days after receipt of your confirmed acceptance or deposit, and the account information is sent by emaill to the email address provided by the student. This login information is used for all access to the UNH network and services. These include the UNH Portal, Banner (student registration system), Blackboard (Learning Management System), and the UNH Email account, which is hosted by Microsoft's Office 365. Accessing the wireless network or logging into a computer in the library or a computer lab also requires your student account login. The University's West Haven Campus offers wireless access for your laptop computer, tablet, smartphone or other device in almost all locations. Students should log in to the Student network, which is a secure network designated specially for their use.

If you do not receive your login information within 3 business days after your confirmed acceptance or deposit, contact the Campus Card Office at (203) 932-8324, option 3. Please be prepared to answer several questions that will verify your identity for the staff before they provide you your login information. If you previously received your login and your password has changed but you no longer know it, you should try resetting your password here, then call the office if you are unsuccessful.

insideUNH Portal

The InsideUNH portal is a launch pad into all that is the University of New Haven. Explore the different departments and services the University has to offer. See what's happening on campus. Access system resources such as email, course registration and payment information. InsideUNH is the one-stop destination for all your information needs. You should log into the portal daily as personal notifications will be pushed to the site.

Setting Your Email Up on a Mobile Device

Once you have received your account information you're going to want to set up your UNH email on your mobile device. Your instructors are going to start emailing you well ahead of the start of classes and the University sends out useful and targeted information on a regular basis. Click here for instructions.

For questions or assistance about syncing email to a mobile device, contact the Student Technical Support Office at or (203) 932-7235.  You may also stop by the office in person.  It is located on the main campus inside the Campus Bookstore.

Computers, Software and Networking

From getting a discount on a new computer to receiving free and heavily discounted software, all the information you need is in this section. Navigate through the tabs to find the details on each different section.

Blackboard Photo Submission

Freshmen and transfer students are now being offered the opportunity to submit their initial photo online through Blackboard. Click here for more information.

Feel free to explore the Information for Current Students Section as well since that information will be relevant to you. Click here to go to the Current Students section.

  1. Need Help?

    Click Here for telephone, email and other I.T. support information.