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Matrix Login and Troubleshooting

  1. Open up web browser and navigate the following web address:
  2. Click on: Sign In
  3. Enter your username (example: jsmith) (If prompted for a domain name, enter UNH)
  4. Enter your password (same password you use to access your UNH e-mail account. Please note, passwords are case-sensitive)
  5. Click Ok to log onto the site
  6. Once you are logged onto Matrix, under the menu My Class Info on the left, select View Rosters.
  7. Select an Academic Period from the list
  8. Select a Class from the list
  9. Select a Class ID from the list
  10. Click Find
  11. Your list of students will show up at the bottom of that screen

Please note, your should disable any pop-up blocking software which may affect how Matrix works.

Alternatively, you can set your pop-up blocking software to allow pop-ups from our site.

  1. Usernames do not contain ‘’ in the name.
  2. Your password for UNH e-mail, Matrix and Blackboard are the same and are case-sensitive. Please be sure your caps lock is turned off.
  3. Pop-up blocking software will need to be disabled or set to allow pop-ups on our site in order for the software to function properly. Please ensure that your pop-up software allows pop-ups from ''.
  4. Your browser may have security settings that do not allow logging into unsecure sites. Be sure you are logging into our secure site at:
  5. When logging onto Blackboard, you will need to prefix your username with unh\ (example: unh\jsmith1)
  6. You may need to delete your temporary internet files from your web browser.
If you are still having issues please email

  1. Need Help?

    Click Here for telephone, email and other I.T. support information.