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Blackboard 9 Faculty Resources and Login

Blackboard User Guides (PDF format)

  • Getting Started for Course ContentDownload  
    This is a quick-start guide for adding and editing course content
  • Getting Started with the Blackboard Course EnvironmentDownload 
    This is a quick-start guide for the course environment
  • Getting Started with AssignmentsDownload   
  • Getting Started with Building TestsDownload   
  • Getting Started with GroupsDownload   
  • Getting Started with the Grade CenterDownload  


The following resources are available on Blackboard's On Demand Learning Site.
These Resources include video tutorials that demonstrate many valuable techniques and practices.

In Blackboard 9:

Go to the Control Panel in the course you want to import the archive into and click on packages/utilities, then import package/view logs. Check all relevant boxes for content to import, then select the file (using browse) and click submit. There will be a delay, then you will receive a message that processes has been queued.

After the import is complete, go to Customization, tool availability, and check Assignments, Tests, and Survey. The import turns these functions off in content folders.


  1. Open up web browser and navigate the following web address:
  2. Enter your username (example: jsmith)
  3. Enter your password (same password you use to access your UNH e-mail account. Please note, passwords are case-sensitive)
  4. Click Ok to log onto the site
  5. Click user Login.
Either disable pop-up blocking or add to the list of allowed sites as pop-up blocking will affect Blackboard's functionality. 

  1. Usernames do not contain ‘’ in the name.
  2. Your password for UNH Faculty e-mail, Banner and Blackboard are the same and are case-sensitive. Please be sure your caps lock is turned off.
  3. Pop-up blocking software will need to be disabled or set to allow pop-ups on our site in order for the software to function properly. Please ensure that your pop-up software allows pop-ups from ''.
  4. When logging onto Blackboard, you may need to prefix your username with unh\ (example: unh\jsmith1)
  5. You may need to delete your temporary internet files from your web browser.
If you are still having issues please email or email
  1. Need Help?

    Click Here for telephone, email and other I.T. support information.