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Getting Connected

Welcome to the University of New Haven network. The following information will describe the different wireless networks and how you can connect.


ChargerWIFI is our on boarding network and for our guests. UNH employees and Students can join ChargerWIFI and open a browser to choose their appropriate network. Once Faculty/Staff or Student is selected your device will be configured for that network for you.

Guests may connect to ChargerWIFI which will provide all the settings your computer or device needs to join the unh wifi. Once connected you will be redirected to a web page where you can login, however you will need to create an account and the system will text and email you your account and password to authenticate.

Any user may go directly to their respective network using the following steps:


All employees should join the wireless network UNH. Your UNH credentials will get you connected.


All students should join the wireless network UNHStudent. Your UNH network ID and password will get you connected. UNHStudent is for computers, Smartphones and tablets. First time users will be redirected to the SafeConnect page to register your device. Click here for more information on SafeConnect.


The Devices network is for all gaming devices, Bluray players, or other "non-computing" devices that require network access. The password for the Devices network is "chargers". Please note only gaming or streaming devices will be able to successfully use this network.

  1. Need Help?

    Click Here for telephone, email and other I.T. support information.