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The Atypical Road to Success

What defines the “typical” college student of today? It’s difficult to apply a label. For instance, what percentage of undergraduates do you think have followed the conventional trajectory of coming straight from high school? Ninety percent? Eighty? The National Center for Education Statistics puts the figure at seventy percent. That means that almost a third of all undergraduates were doing something else first.

Chances are, they’ve been working. Perhaps they’ve gotten married and are raising a family. After taking one of life’s detours, they may enroll in college on a part-time basis, bent on blazing their own unique path to success. They’re not typical. And that’s exactly the kind of student the College of Lifelong & eLearning specializes in.

For George Heudorfer — working, married, and about to start a family — the College was the perfect fit:

“After being out of school for an extended period, it was difficult to envision myself returning to the classroom. I chose UNH because of its strong reputation and commitment to becoming a top-tier Northeast school. The College of Lifelong & eLearning program helped alleviate my reservations with a fantastic support system. Classes and coursework were designed to gel with the working professional.”


Heudorfer majored in business administration, which dovetailed perfectly with his position in sales for a business-to-business direct marketing company. “As a working professional who was continuing my education, I had the ability to apply newly acquired knowledge to my workplace almost every day. I became more valuable to my colleagues, clients, and community,” he recalls.

The faculty members in the College also impressed Heudorfer, thanks to their ability to relate “real life” work experiences with traditional university coursework. “This helped me connect the dots from the classroom to the boardroom,” he said.

Having found a good thing at UNH, Heudorfer chose the University for his graduate studies, earning his master’s degree here. In large part, he made his decision to stay at UNH based on the University’s strong international reputation and the mix of students from all over the world. The graduate program also gave him the opportunity to spend two weeks in China, a life-changing experience that gave him a greater understanding of that global power.

His M.B.A. opened more doors and opportunities for him. Today, he is Director of Sales for Logic Technology, a global eCommerce company, and interfaces with industry leaders and innovators from around the world. His final thought on his time at UNH? “The international connections I made at UNH are priceless assets in a global economy. They’ve helped me shape a business network with worldwide reach.”

For the College of Lifelong & eLearning, Heudorfer’s success story is one in which we’re proud to have played a part.

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