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The City Center and its People

Square in Prato

Prato's historical city center, with its medieval and Renaissance monuments, is especially remarkable for its compact scale and easy-going atmosphere. You’ll quickly discover that almost everything in Prato can be reached on foot through the old streets.


To help you get to know the city, part of your Orientation in Prato will be a special walking tour of the city to explore key points of interest and services including major stores, the post office, banks, ATMs, markets, libraries, medical centers, churches and museums.


You’ll also find that the people in Prato will be curious and enthusiastic about the presence of US students in their city. People in Prato live closely together in the city center, and they are not especially accustomed to the student lifestyle or to young Americans.


For these reasons, our students serve as “ambassadors” of the University of New Haven, and of the United States of America. As members of the UNH community, we strive to repay the trust showed by our hosts with the highest standards of conduct and consideration for the traditions and civilized atmosphere of this city.