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Internet Access

While lightning quick cable internet connections are common in the United States, you may experience slower connection speeds in other countries, Italy included. Wherever you are, it’s important to remember that certain conveniences – such as high-speed Internet access – are not always the norm as they would be at home.

Learning to adapt to these slight inconveniences is a necessary part of the study abroad experience. We find that the students who have the most successful experience spend more time out of their apartments enjoying everything Italy has to offer, rather than spending the majority of their free time online.    

In the school and in your housing, the Tuscany Campus provides wireless Internet access for academic purposes. Please be aware that downloading music, videos and other large files, making calls on Skype or accessing popular US websites may take much longer. 

A high-speed Internet connection is offered in the Tuscany Campus building, Residence Hall San Francesco, and students have access to this connection during the Campus’s opening hours. In addition, there are several free wi-fi points around town, including the Lazzerini Library