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Tuscany Housing FAQ's

Q. What is housing like in Prato?

A. It is NOT like on campus in Connecticut! There is a lot of variety. Some rooms are more spacious than others, but none of them is as large as you might expect based on US standards. Also, the size and style of furniture provided differs from room to room: some apartments have two bathrooms while some have just one, and each establishment offers different laundry services.  This is important to understand before you come to Prato, because you cannot choose your room, and you must be able to accept your housing as you find it.

Q. Where is my housing located?

A. Housing is distributed among several locations in the city, and none of the housing locations are more than 15 minutes’ walk from the school and from each other. You will be notified of your exact housing assignment shortly before you leave for Prato.

Q. Is there a laundry service in housing?

A. In every housing location you will find EITHER an included washing service OR a washing machine is provided. Please note that washing machines in housing are not as large as those you find in the US or in a commercial laundromat. There are also several commercial laundromats located throughout the city center. 

Q. Will there be wireless Internet access in my housing?

A. Yes. Our housing options all include free wireless Internet access. We strongly recommend that you see the Internet Access section for important information on Internet services.

Q. How are roommates assigned? Can I pick my roommate(s)?

A. Roommates are assigned based on the housing questions that students fill out prior to departure. We take into consideration your stated lifestyle habits and roommate requests, if any. While we do our best to satisfy your requests, we cannot guarantee that you will be assigned your requested roommate. Please note that each room/ apartment is same-sex only. 

Q. Am I guaranteed to get my first choice of housing?

A. While we cannot guarantee that each student will be assigned to his or her first choice of housing, we make every effort to ensure that the assigned housing option meets the students’ needs.

Q. Is smoking allowed in any of the housing options?

A. No. Smoking is prohibited in all residences. When smoking outside, please be sure to comply with the university policy which requires you to stand 20 feet from the building and dispose of your cigarette butts appropriately.

Q. Can I have a guest visit me in my assigned housing?

A. Guests are permitted to make brief visits to housing, but not without the consent of all apartment/roommates. Guests are not permitted in rooms after 11pm. No overnight guests are allowed. No exceptions. Breaches of this policy will result in immediate sanctions and potential expulsion from university housing.

If your friends or family plan to visit you during your time in Prato, we can recommend a number of hotels and hostels close to the Tuscany Campus (LINK).

Q. What if I don’t like my assigned roommate?

A. We encourage you not to make assumptions about your roommate until you have actually lived together for a while. Most roommate issues are easily resolved by talking with your roommate. Often people who don't seem to have much in common at first turn out to become good friends.

Prato staff will assist in working out roommate conflicts and the first person you should contact if there is a problem is the Program Director. He can give you advice, mediate the problem and assist you in completing a roommate contract if necessary. Room changes are not necessarily possible and are not guaranteed.

Q. Are pets allowed in the residences?

A. No. Pets are not allowed in University housing.

Q. What happens if I damage anything that is part of the residence?

A. Students are responsible for any damage to, misuse of or theft of property in their room/apartment and are required to pay replacement costs or repair charges for damages that occur to the room/apartment and its contents. Damage to common areas of the residence halls will be prorated among the residents of the housing. Students will have 60 days to appeal any charges.

Q. What if one or more of my personal belongings goes missing?

A. The University and Residence personnel shall not be liable for any damage to or loss of personal property in the rooms, apartments, or common areas belonging to the student or any other person.

Q. Can University personnel enter my apartment without my prior permission?

A. Authorized university personnel and authorized residence personnel may enter student rooms/apartments if there is a reasonable cause to believe that a violation of university or residence rules or regulations is taking place, for the purpose of inspection, for the establishment of order, for repairs or maintenance, for health and safety checks and to ensure that residents are in compliance with the terms of the housing license agreement. To the extent possible, students will be given reasonable notice. Duly authorized law enforcement authorities following appropriate legal procedures are entitled to enter and search the residence hall rooms and resident’s belongings. If prohibited items are found in a student room/apartment, they may be confiscated by University or residence personnel and disciplinary action may follow.

The Following Items are NOT Permitted in Housing (see the housing policy for more information):

  • Pets
  • Firearms, replica guns, high powered water guns, knives, fireworks, BB and pellet guns, wrist rockets, sling shots, and laser pointers or any item deemed by the university to be capable of causing damage to person or property
  • Air conditioners, space heaters, open coil cooking units and multiple outlet plugs designed to alter electrical capacity
  • Candles, charcoal and gas grills and combustibles
  • Alcohol fot those under the age of 21 and alcohol bottle collections
  • Drugs and drug paraphernalia
  • Waterbeds

Health & Safety Inspections occur on a monthly basis and their purpose is to ensure that residents are complying with the student handbook and all policies regarding health and safety. Please see a member of the UNH Tuscany Campus staff if you have any questions or concerns. Our number one concern is your safety!

Q. If I leave the program in the middle of the semester, can I get a reimbursement on housing?

A. No reduction in housing charges is made for temporary absence from the residence halls, nor is any refund made if a student is suspended or dismissed, or leaves the residence hall for any reason during the semester.

Q. Is there Internet Access in housing?

A. Yes, but while lightning quick cable internet connections are common in the United States, you may experience slower connection speeds in other countries, Italy included. Wherever you are, it’s important to remember that certain conveniences – such as high-speed Internet access – are not always the norm as they would be at home.

Learning to adapt to these slight inconveniences is a necessary part of the study abroad experience. We find that the students who have the most successful experience spend more time out of their apartments enjoying everything Italy has to offer, rather than spending the majority of their free time online.   

In the school and in your housing, the Tuscany Campus provides Internet access for academic purposes. Please be aware that downloading music, videos and other large files, making calls on Skype or accessing popular US websites may take much longer. 

A high-speed Internet connection is offered at the Tuscany Campus, and students have access to this connection during the Campus’s regular operating hours. In addition, there are several free wi-fi points around town, including the Lazzerini Library.