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Short-term Study Abroad Programs

Students who are looking for a shorter length program can choose to participate in one of our faculty-led programs. These programs most often times occur in the Summer or Winter Intersession. Small groups of students will travel with their faculty and explore the culture and country through their coursework.

Current Programs

International Business Law in London, England, Winter 2015

London, EnglandLearn about international law and the many cultures behind it, in the country where our own legal system originated. We’ll be doing legal tour of London as well as visit the Parliament, local businesses, the Tower of London, and the British Museum. Click here to view the program flyer.



Photography and Writing in San Salvador, Bahamas, Winter 2015


Spend two weeks studying photography and writing in San Salvador, Bahamas with Professor Robert Rattner and Professor Randall Horton. In the photography course students will learn and put into practice photographic techniques in a variety of field situations.  Click here to view the program flyer. 


Food & Literature in Paris, France, Summer 2015


This one-month summer program hosted by the CEA Global Campus in Paris, France is an excellent opportunity for students to study the foods that shape society and the post-colonial literature of former French colonies. In conjunction with class, students will explore Paris and visit sites like the Parisian food markets. Click here to view the program flyer.



Tropical Marine Ecology in the Bahamas, Summer 2015

Marine Biology

This course provides students with a hands-on opportunity to learn and explore the complex and diverse organisms and ecosystems found in tropical coastal regions. During this two week program in San Salvador, Bahamas students will explore reefs, mangroves, seagrass meadows, hardbottom and sand flat communities by snorkeling, before engaging in a group research project. If you would like to know more about the Tropical Marine Biology trip to San Salvador, check out their Summer 2013 daily blog.


Henry C. Lee College Study Abroad Programs

MoscowThe Henry C. Lee College of Criminal Justice and Forensic Sciences offers several short-term study abroad options for its' students. The programs are designed for students to visit criminal justice agencies and take part in sightseeing opportunities in locations such as China, Italy, Poland and Russia. Each of the programs will be hosted by a faculty member of the College. To learn more visit the Henry C. Lee College Study Abroad Programs page. 


Past Programs

Photography in Iceland

Photography in Iceland

"Climbing over the moss covered hill and seeing the water crash down stopped me in my tracks.  Combined with the beauty of the landscape, the sound of the water pouring over the fault line, and the mist that the wind was blowing onto my face, I was just in awe of everything around me.  After a few moments, my photographic mind kicked in and I made my way down the water." - Joe Adams

To learn more about the Photography trip to Iceland or to see more amazing pictures visit their blog.