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Short-term Study Abroad Programs

Students who are looking for a shorter length program can choose to participate in one of our faculty-led programs. These programs most often times occur in the Summer or Winter Intersession. Small groups of students will travel with their faculty and explore the culture and country through their coursework.

Current programs: Summer 2017

Full program details and application deadlines can be viewed here. Some programs may be restricted to certain degree programs.

A Taste of Italy in Prato and Rome, Italy

This month long program allows students to earn six credits and explore the food, wine, tourism, and cultural norms of Italy.  Offered coursework includes Wine Appreciation and Food and Culture, where participants will explore various wines and the integration of food into culture and economic models around the globe. Students will travel to Florence, Poggio a Caiano, Rome, and Venice while earning six credits. Click here to view the program flyer. Click here to view the program flyer. 


Art and Design in Prato, Italy

Students from the arts, graphic design, interior design, and photography can enroll in six credits worth of coursework that delves into the cultural and architectural aspects of Italy. Through this program, students will gain an in-depth cultural and historical understanding of Italian architecture as a framework for developing meaningful graphic design campaigns rooted in the Prato community or evaluating the visual presence and an aesthetic sense of structures and spaces through photography. Click here to view the program flyer.


Criminal Justice Abroad in Krakow and Warsaw, Poland

 For one month, students will familiarize themselves with the Polish criminal justice system. Topics explored include the police, the court system, and corrections. Students will also learn about the events and misuse of social power that led to the Holocaust. The program offers six credits, including an independent study in which students will conduct a research project. Click here for the program flyer.



Criminal Justice Abroad in Moscow, St. Petersburg, and Pskov, Russian Federation

Students will simultaneously explore the rich history and political background of Russia while learning about the criminal justice system. Each destination in Russia offers a unique learning experience, and a chance to visit historical sites and attend lectures on criminal law and criminal justice education. The program offers six credits, including an independent study in which students will conduct a research project. Click here for the program flyer.


Criminal Justice Abroad in Prato and Sorrento, Italy

This program offers students the chance to earn six credits over the course of two weeks while learning about the Italian criminal justice system. Topics include violence against women, the mafia, and the development of criminal law in Italy. Students will also critically analyze the cultural differences between the Italian and United States’ system. Click here to view the program flyer. 


Economics in Transition in Havana, Cuba

This unique Spring break trip allows students to travel to Havana to learn about a currently ongoing economic transition in Cuba. Free after the fall of the Iron Curtain, Cuba’s adaptation of a new economic model allows for students to witness history in the making. Students will be able to interact with local leaders involved in this economic change while earning three credits. Click here to view the program flyer.


Global Perspectives on Forensic Science and Biotechnology in Ireland and England

Students participating in this month-long program will explore the fields of biotechnology and forensic science, while gaining hands-on experience. Students will become certified in sterile bioprocess techniques, attend educational seminars at the University College London, and visit forensic laboratories. This six-credit program blends cutting edge science with the rich culture and history of both Ireland and England, with excursions in both countries. Click here to view the program flyer.


International Criminal Intelligence Analysis in Copenhagen, Denmark

Students will earn six credits credits by participating in rotations through various units in the Danish National Police. Coursework will include the deductive, inductive, and abductive reasoning used in criminal intelligence analysis. This one month program poses a unique opportunity for hands-on experience in the international criminal justice field. Click here to view the program flyer.



Marine Ecology in San Salvador, Bahamas

This two-week program offers Marine Biology students the chance to explore diverse tropical ecosystems while gaining valuable hands-on research experience. Students will engage in an intensive research project in the field and present their findings. Explorations include seagrass meadows, reefs, and much more! Participating students will earn four credits. Click here to view the program flyer.



War and Terrorism in Italy, Ukraine, and France

For one month, students will travel around Europe to explore historical World War II landmarks and embrace the rich history of the time period. Students will also examine the War on Terrorism, particularly on how the war has evolved and how various countries outside the North American continent have worked to defeat the threat of terrorism.  This program offers a unique opportunity to fully engage in these topics and explore new perspectives on these issues. Participants will earn six credits. Click here to view the program flyer.


World War II and Contemporary Politics in Lyon and Paris, France

Channel Islands

This programs focuses on the history and politics of France during World War II and present-day. While learning about the rich history of the area, students will delve into the parallels between the World War II time period and the contemporary French political environment. Students have the opportunity to visit various historical and contemporary political sites, as well as take trips to places such as Normandy and Burgundy Wane.  Students will earn six credits over the course of one month.