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Full Policy on Financial Aid and Fees for Study Abroad

The University of New Haven works with our students to facilitate their access to external aid for semester study abroad opportunities (e.g., federal, state, and foundation).  To the extent permitted by the external sources, this aid is normally applicable to duly registered students’ semester study abroad.  

The University shall award full institutional aid to a limited number of students per semester according to competitive, merit criteria articulated in University study abroad application materials.  Recipients of the award shall be named “UNH International Scholars.”  The University shall set the number of UNH International Scholars in advance of program application deadlines, and reserves the right to limit the portability of such awards to specific programs by criteria such as affiliation, reputation, and cost.  Should program cost exceed a stipulated cost limit, UNH International Scholars will be billed the excess.

UNH International Scholars are billed UNH tuition, general fee, and room.  All study abroad students pay a study abroad administrative fee, to be set prior to the outset of each academic year. 

All approved and duly registered study abroad students are assured eligibility for and applicability of external aid (as allowed by the funding source, and provided full-time status is maintained), full access to University support services, proper assessment and credit of study abroad coursework, and University direct billing of provider costs, which relieves worries over mismatched timing of loan disbursements and provider fee deadlines.   Coursework from students who are not approved or duly registered for study abroad is not accepted by the University.

The University remits program fees and room charges (up to the cost of a UNH standard double) to the program provider on behalf of UNH International Scholars. For other study abroad students actual provider costs are conveyed to students’ UNH bills and paid by students in lieu of UNH resident tuition and fees. 

If a UNH International Scholar’s institutional aid level and program cost are such that it is to the Scholar’s advantage to decline institutional aid in favor of paying the UNH administrative fee combined with the actual program cost, the more favorable financial arrangement shall be granted, but the honor still shall be recorded.  UNH International Scholars are expected to provide a minimum of six hours of service to the Office of International & Experiential Learning during the semester following their program abroad.

A nominal application fee shall be assessed for each completed study abroad application.  The fee shall be set at the outset of each academic year.  The University reserves the right to limit the total number of students who study abroad each semester.

For Fall 2012:

Funded UNH International Scholars:  7
Study Abroad Administrative Fee:  $500
Study Abroad Program Cost Limit:  $17,000
Study Abroad Application Fee:  waived
Total Student Abroad Limit:  tba