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Things to Consider When Studying Abroad

There are a wide variety of programs and program types that make it possible for you to pursue your goal of studying abroad.

The first step is to determine if you want to study abroad for an entire semester or participate in one of our short-term programs.

If you want to study abroad for a semester, you can participate through our Tuscany Campus (link), Exchange Programs (link), or network of Study Abroad Providers (link). Students may decide that a short-term program better suits their needs or interest. These programs are offered in the Summer and Winter Intersession and are developed and led by UNH faculty.

You can use our Program Search tool in order to narrow down the using various search criteria such as location, term, and academic area. 

Things to consider when choosing a program:


  • While abroad, do you need to take courses for your major, minor, and/or concentration?
  • Does the program offer courses you would need?
  • Do you want to study a foreign language?
  • Do you need to know a foreign language? If yes, what level of proficiency do you want to attain?
  • What kind of academic environment do you prefer? (large university, small college, city campus, traditional college campus)
  • What is your class standing? Are there any restrictions to class standing for participation in the program? Do you meet the minimum required GPA?


  • Program location – Urban, suburban, rural?
  • Preferred living arrangement – host family, dormitory, apartment?
  • Finances – what program fits your finances best?
  • What is included in the cost of the program? What will be the additional expense? What is the cost of living in the country?


  • Does studying in a particular region impact or enhance your future professional goals?
  • Are there specialized course offered which would help you gain professional insights or knowledge?
  • Do you want to do an internship or service-learning as part of the program? 
What's the next step?

Cost and Financial Aid Now that you have considered the reasons why it is a good idea to study abroad, it's time to explore the costs associated with the spending a semester at another institution. Visit our Cost & Financial Aid section to learn more.