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Search for a Study Abroad Program

We use an online tool called studio abroad (located at that is designed to help students search for programs and complete the application process online.

How to navigate the site:

  • By clicking on the ‘Programs’ button located in the left hand navigation bar, you will be able to search for programs based on a number of criteria such as term, location and major areas of study.
 studio abroad
  • The ‘Featured Programs’ are unique UNH study abroad opportunities available at the Tuscany Campus or short-term during the Intersession. To search through all the program offerings, click on the simple or advanced search tab.
studio abroad
  • By clicking on a program name you will see the program brochure page which provides vital information about the program including application deadline, housing options, minimum GPA and class eligibility. Some program brochures will also link out to provider sites so you can fine even more information about the program.
  • From each program brochure page you can either choose to ‘Apply Now’ or ‘Request Advising’. If choose to ‘Apply Now’ you will create an account and begin the UNH Online Application for Study Abroad.  If you request advising you will fill out some preliminary information and can then schedule an appointment with a study abroad advisor. 
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What's the next step?

apply to study abroad

Now that you know how to search for a program it's time to make a decision about where you will be spending a semester abroad. After you've made this very important decision visit the Apply for a Study Abroad Program page to get started on your application!