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2010 Inductees

Faculty & Staff Inductees


Matthew Abratnes

My best experiences were during my internship with the Public Defender’s Office. Going out into the community and actually practicing what you have learned over the past three years truly prepares you for the workforce. Classroom exercise and papers try to give you an image of reality; however by actually doing the task allows you to make mistakes and learn from them. I was truly surprised at all the different attitudes people take towards their job within the criminal justice industry. Some people honestly do care and want to make a difference, while others are there just because of government job security. It allows me to see who I would like to allow myself to align within the industry. My proudest moment was when the actual public defender was not able to come in one day and I assumed all of his duties and I completed everything to the same quality.



Natalie Alban

My study abroad experience provided me with knowledge concerning the Middle Eastern culture that otherwise I would not have acquired. I was able to use my Arabic language skills to interact with the natives of the countries I visited. I also learned and lived their traditions and customs, which gave me an opportunity to appreciate a completely different culture. My internship at the Springfield Police Department provided me with valuable experience that can be applied to future career situations. I expanded my learning beyond the classroom setting, and was able to practice first-hand the knowledge I have obtained throughout my college years.



Kyra Berkheiser

Studying in Australia helped me to become a more independent and understanding individual. Experiencing other cultures first hand can help a person realize that there is a whole world outside of what we’re used to. It becomes easier to step outside of your comfort zone and take on new challenges. Life becomes richer for the experience. Internships help in making major life decisions. I was unsure about what exactly I wanted to do as a career when I graduated. The time spent in my internship learning about certain aspects of the justice system truly helped me narrow my scope. Without getting out of the classroom and actually applying what is being taught, the information can be lost. Going two days a week and using what I had learned allowed me to see the practical applications of the information.



Heather Brown

While doing my faculty-mentored undergraduate research with Greg Overend, my proudest accomplishment was helping the university decipher statistics that had never been looked at before. My biggest surprise, however, was looking back after the research and realizing just how much the University of New Haven has done for me. In working with Marty O'Connor for my work-integrated learning experience, my biggest surprise was realizing that it actually was fun and not just something that I had to do!



Colleen Conroy

Through my internship with the Department of Children and Families I discovered the career I want to pursue.  I saw first hand social workers who worked extremely hard to protect children.  Some nights workers were at the office till eight O’clock at night and back by six in the morning.  This dedication inspired to become a social worker.  Besides inspiring me it also helped me to learn about the state system for child abuse, as opposed to just learning about laws in the classroom.   I learned that DCF has different standards for substantiating an accusation than the police departments do.  I saw how sometimes police can not investigate a case, but the Department of Children and Families must continue an investigation.  I saw first hand homes of filth, children who had been abused, and children who had been traumatized.  I have interviewed many parents who were accused of the abuse or other types of domestic violence.  I also interviewed children who had been abused or witness domestic violence in their home.  Seeing this first hand takes the words out of my text books and makes them real life.  Reading and studying helps a person understand, but a person can never understand something fully until it is seen with their own eyes.  After seeing these types of people and the work of the social workers I have decided what it is that I want to do.  I am going to pursue a Masters in Social Work because I am confident that I can help save children like the DCF workers do everyday.  This experience has brought me to the realization that I can make a difference.



John Cooper

My participation in the University of Michigan Atmospheric, Oceanic, and Space Sciences Research Experience for Undergrads program helped open my eyes about the opportunities to in pursuing a doctoral graduate degree.  I hope to work towards this goal over the next few years, and my undergraduate experience will be  valuable in applying to schools and carrying out research once I am attending a grad school.





Alice Coppock

My biggest surprise in my faculty-mentored undergraduate research was the discovery that, while conducting a chemical reaction, using a cycling temperature profile can produce much more product than either temperature or a temperature in-between.




Ashley Cummings

In the dental hygiene program at the University of New Haven, students are involved in various academic service-learning programs. Our main priority, as students, is to provide dental care to under-served populations who may have otherwise gone without the necessary dental procedures.




William Donegan

The Experiential Education program at the University of New Haven has provided me with unique opportunities that will greatly impact my future career objectives. Conducting undergraduate research at UNH played a big role in me pursuing a career of biological research. Also, the experience I gained in this experience was vital for me getting accepted into graduate school. My other Experiential Education experience was teaching high school students chemistry laboratory experiments. This gave me the opportunity to teach the skills I learned to a younger audience. These two experiences have given me a more diverse education at the University of New Haven and have helped prepare me for my future career path.



Caresse Fernandez

My experiences in experiential education have helped me to grow drastically, as a student and as a person. Both my internship and research have taught me things that I cannot learn in a classroom. Most importantly, I was able to get a feel for the type of work that may be involved in my career. During my experiences, it became obvious that a lab-type environment was where I belonged. Both my experiences involved lab work, although they were both very different.




Dante Lepore

My proudest accomplishment was publishing a paper in an actual scientific journal and receiving a grant from NASA to continue research. I feel that these experiences have made me a better scientist and more suited to enter life after college. Also, this research helped me to decide that this is something I would like to do as a profession and I am thus planning on attending graduate school.




Erin Ennis

My biggest surprise upon completion of my experiential education experience was just how much I enjoyed my internship. As a forensic science and chemistry major, I never expected to fall completely in love with David Michael and Company, a flavor house in Philadelphia. Working in the QC lab gave me the chance to use all my skills I had learned in my years at UNH as well as an opportunity to explore new things. I absolutely loved working in the analytical laboratories and handling real products. My experiential education experience gave me the knowledge that my career outside of UNH could expand beyond just the realm of forensic science.




Aimee Gagnon

It was an honor to be able to work at the Rhode Island State Crime Laboratory as well as be a part of the university’s research project involving the use of algae as biofuel. I learned so much in both of these experiences. I was able to take part in a week long workshop at RISCL, observe autopsies at the Rhode Island Medical Examiner’s Office, and learn the day to day activities of a crime lab. The research project allowed me gain experience in the laboratory and prepare for graduate school.



Danielle Givens

While studying abroad, I had the opportunity to not only learn about psychology (in my classes) but also about a different culture. Understanding other cultures is extremely important when working in the criminal justice system. I will be encountering people from different walks of life and need to be able to accept and comprehend their lifestyles. Australia allowed me to travel more than I have in my entire life and test my comfort zone: I went scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef and hike through the rainforest. For my internship I worked at the Detective Bureau of Hartford Police. My proudest accomplishment within this internship was working to reorganize their Police Involved Shooting report. The lieutenant gave me the responsibility to add new things (that I believed to be important within the investigation) and take things out that were irrelevant. This internship also reinforced the fact that I did not want to become a police officer.


Lyndsey Gress

Participating in Experiential Education has been one of the best parts of my three years here at the University of New Haven. I loved being involved with Study Abroad. I was able to complete two core credits while visiting France and London, which were two places I’d always wanted to go. We saw so many things on the trip like the Louvre, Winston Churchill’s War Rooms and the site of the Battle of Point du Hoc. On our free days in Paris and London I was able to visit the Paris Opera House and see The Phantom of the Opera in its original West End Theater. I’ve always wanted to travel the world and see other places, and I was able to do that and get college credit for it, so it was definitely a fantastic experience and well worth it. Currently, I am completing my forensic science internship at the Yale Department of Pathology and it has been such an amazing experience so far. I get to work with wonderful people who are so willing to teach me about the profession. I get to learn and do things that I would not be able to do within the limitations of a classroom. A person can only learn so much from a lecture. They only way to fully understand all the requirements of an occupation is to actually work in that occupation, and an internship is the only way to really achieve that understanding. I believe all university students, no matter what their major is, should be required to complete an internship. It would allow them to see firsthand all that their chosen occupation would entail and would help them decide if it is really what they would like to do professionally for the rest of their lives.


Sarah Hall

My biggest surprise in my work-integrated learning experience was how down-to-earth and caring a major music label can be.

Additionally, while at Atlantic Records, my proudest accomplishment (although I had many that I am proud of from over the year) was working on the soundtrack for New Moon!




Mark B. Johnson

My internship at Cohn Dussi & Bilodeau has been on of my greatest experiences and accomplishment throughout my college career.  Completing my internship has pulled everything I have learned in my classes together and has provided me with the opportunity to apply these skills in a busy law firm.  This experience has reinforced my liking for legal studies and the types of work environments related to this field.  I have now gained great experience in a law firm setting and the type of work involved such as legal research court observations and drafting pleadings.



Stephen Johnson

Throughout my undergraduate study, I have learned that knowledge acquired in collegiate study must be applied outside the classroom to truly appreciate the value of a higher education. In my pursuit of practical and experiential education, I have several memories that highlight my experience. Perhaps the most memorable was my encounter serving with Campus Crusade for Christ and the Seattle Department of Corrections. I was serving in prison ministry and was interacting with a convicted rapist, a man who admittedly committed a heinous act against a helpless woman. He knew that this act was wrong, had since converted to Christianity, and the pains of his previous act of unbridled aggression tore him to pieces. Yet when we talked about the love of God, I could see the load lifted from this man's shoulders. Experiential education opportunities provided me the chance to love those whom society has deemed unlovable, changing the world one heart at a time.



Kristen Kiro

The biggest surprise that came with my internship was that I was able to help do extractions and GC-MS work for actual cases.  I had a lot of freedom and worked independently sometimes.  I only messed up once or twice, and when I did, they explained to me that even the most experienced analysts made mistakes from time to time.  I enjoyed working with all of the people there, and I felt like I was part of their team.  I learned something new almost every day there.  I saw what happens when instruments are not working properly, when standards need to be revalidated, when pipets need to be recalibrated, and when cases come pouring in at a rapid rate.  I wouldn’t trade that experience for the world.


Gillian Lazarus

Experiential education has been the highlight of my undergraduate career. My work with Dr. Luzik has taught me more about chemistry that I could have ever learned in lecture. The first project I worked on was obtaining biodiesel from various seeds, and my experience doing this allowed me to apply the theory of what I had learned in lecture to real life. As I moved on to my current research project, I saw my knowledge of chemistry grow. This project has introduced me to new concepts that I would have never learned in the classroom and I am positive that doing research has prepared me for whatever comes next in my career.




Andrew P. Mahoney

The proudest achievement for me was just getting my proposal chosen to do SURF (Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship) over the summer. I know many qualified and excellent proposals were not selected, and I realize that I was very lucky to have mine picked. It was a great experience.




Anita Mancini

An accomplishment of which I am extremely proud was serving as the team leader in the "42d APS Westover ARB Joint Training Exercise," held in October 2009. We provided the Marines joint inspection training, weight and balance training, and aircraft loading and tie-down. The Navy reservist learned about pallet buildup, aircraft loading and tie down, passenger terminal training, baggage pallet building and passenger processing, weight and balance training, and aircraft loading.



Molly Matuszak

Experiential Education has truly enriched my education here at UNH.  Studying abroad in London, England, taught me how to live on my own, while experiencing a totally new culture.  It helped me to grow as a person.  My internship with the Glastonbury Police Department helped me in a completely different way.  It opened me up to new experiences in my chosen career path, and helped me gain valuable skills that will help be in the future.  I am very glad that I was able to participate in both of these experiences and know that have made a real impact on my life.




Kristen Maylott

The CT BioBus involves me teaching students grades 4th-12th  science experiments in a mobile lab. This experience has given me superb presentation skills. I have also learned that in order to teach the students I need to fully understand the knowledge myself and be able to explain it at an elementary level; which is a skill that will be extremely useful in the future.




Bradley Parcella

My proudest accomplishment in an Experiential Education setting occurred during my Sport Event Management Class. Since I would like to be an event planner, particularly for sporting events, this class taught me the in depth steps involved in managing a team for an event. I successfully lead a group of six students to run the largest event on campus in the spring semester of 2009. We ran an ultimate Frisbee tournament with 11 teams, free food, t-shirts, music, prizes, mascots, and over $1,200 for the Boys and Girls Club of New Haven. I am very lucky to be given this opportunity to practice with a future career goal.




David Pasko

My work with the Robotics club taught me many things that were not covered in the classroom and expanded on topics that were.  I gained real world problem solving techniques that I was able to carry over into my internship.  My work at (FAST) was extremely valuable to my future career as I was presented with tasks that taught me lessons in time and project management.  These lessons will be carried with me wherever I work in the future.




Rebecca Perkins

My academic services learning and my work-integrated learning experiences helped me prepare for when I enter the workforce after I graduate from the University of New Haven. These experiences taught me the value of teamwork, strong communication and other interpersonal skills, as well as the value of on-the-job training when working with the public, co-workers, and your departmental administration. In addition, I was given a larger professional network. One of my biggest accomplishments during my experiential education experiences was when I was given positive feedback and appreciation for my hard work in tutoring students at Common Grounds High School and providing aid to the Arlington Police Department when locating criminal records, as well as being part of their ride along squad  and their community policing efforts. I felt welcomed by both agencies and I will continue to remain in contact with them throughout my career.



Roy Pilletere

Studying Mechanical Engineering, experiential education has benefitted me for my future.  Experiential education has allowed me to experience industry and understand what it takes to be a mechanical engineer after school. Becoming a mechanical engineer also requires design and hands on experience. With experiential education, I have been able to get the hands on practice that will help me with my future endeavors.



Jessica Polis

My internship experience has helped me put together all of the knowledge I have gained at the University of New Haven with visual and hands on experience to fortify my confidence and understanding in the field of forensic science.  My volunteer research experience with Dr. Harris has helped me develop the ability to think and reason using scientific concepts and how to apply that reasoning to actual research.




Jeffrey Rivers

I performed my internship at the FBI Laboratory in Quantico, Virginia. It was the experience of a lifetime. I got to see how a forensic laboratory is run, I made a lot of contacts, and I met a ton of great people.





Richard Roberts

My proudest accomplishment regarding my experiential education regards my volunteer service towards being a mentor/friend for the learning/mentally handicapped students of Pagel’s Elementary School.  This was one of the most eye opening experiences I’ve had; one in which I learned a great deal about myself, and even more than that, I came out of the experience with around 7-10 new and inspiring friends.  Although I have about 15 years on my new friends, they taught me way more than any professor, classroom, or $40,000 University could possibly teach me.  While I was trying to be their mentor and role model, I found that roles suddenly reversed as I learned more from them than I could have anticipated.  Overall this was a very blessing and humbling experience, and I would not hesitate to do it again.




Molly Seely

My biggest surprise while researching with Dr. Diane Russo was realizing just how obsessively in love I could become with a topic I knew nothing about to begin with!






Madison Soldano

My biggest surprise in my study abroad experience was how close I became with the six other people that I studied abroad with while in France.





Jonathan Starkes

My 16 C.K.’s (cusp kids) in Bridgeport have taught me more about education than any lecturer I can remember. Thrown back in time, I have been given a second chance at experiencing eighth grade. Working alongside the finest, most inspired educators, I have been proud to witness the improvements exhibited by my students.




Jonathan Stock

My internship with the Westchester County Forensic Laboratory was the culmination of everything I learned during my classes.  I got to see the science at work on real samples as opposed to under controlled conditions in the laboratory. It was there that I got to see what being a forensic scientist would really be like.

Last year I spent several days during the semester working with students at Common Ground High School as part of my Instrumental Analysis Laboratory section.  I had the opportunity to work directly with the high school students giving them a foundation in science and helping to spark some interest in chemistry.



Gabriela Urquiza

One of the best things about interning at the New Haven Police Department -- Special Investigations Unit has been having the pleasure of meeting detectives that are remarkably willing to share their experiences in this field. From the beginning of my internship, these detectives have been welcoming and have provided me with great advice. I have also learned more about the importance of the Special Investigations Unit and have gained a new appreciation for the detectives assigned to this unit.




Samantha Walton

The most exciting opportunity I could ever have, would excite me before I begin, create nervousness because I care so much, and teach me how I can grow and learn every day. That is exactly what I have found while interning with Sodexo Dining Services. Crystal has handed me a lot of independent projects that push me to utilize my own skills instead of depending on linear instruction from a supervisor. This is real-life. This internship has shown me that I am completely dedicated to my involvement with communication. I feel so secure in my decision to major in communication, and this internship validates that for me.


Faculty/Staff Inductees


Ric Baker, Student Affairs


Gregory Broderick, TCoE


Kathy Brown, HCL


Dave Brubaker, A&S


Georgia Chavent, A&S


Mike Collura, TCoE


Leila Dutton, HCL


Dale Finn, COB


Yasir Hamed, A&S


Eddie Luzik, TCoE

Guillermo Mager, A&S

Virginia Maxwell, A&S

Robert McDonald, COB

Anshuman PRasad, COB