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2012 Inductees

Alice Aleksandrovich

Presenting at the English Honor Society convention provided me with invaluable networking opportunities, and the opportunity to have my work critiqued by peers.


Maria I. Aschettino

At Covidien, I had a view of the daily duties of a financial analyst in a Corporate Finance department of a company.  At UBS, I had the opportunity to observe and understand what it means being a financial advisor.  Both of these internships gave me the chance to apply concepts to the real work world, and these experiences helped prepare me for my future career path.


Meghan Avery

Common Ground High School showed me a different, non-traditional way of learning. I volunteered two hours a week. For most of these kids, this school is their family and it is the safest place for them. It is a great feeling knowing that I inspired the confidence in some of these kids to believe in themselves and to work hard in high school.


Kelsey Baker

This experience of interning at the Forensic Lab at the OCME in NYC was very important to me. I learned many different techniques and procedures that will help me as I pursue a career. It also reinforced to me that this is what I want to do when I graduate.


Jocelyn Bright

Working in Barcelona, I learned about cultural differences and similarities in the workplace which I may not have learned if I were simply touring there. I look forward to applying what I learned both studying abroad and interning abroad at future jobs in the tourism industry.


Amanda Brooking

Volunteering at the St. Mary’s soup kitchen through the Oscar Schindler Humanities course was a great experience. It allowed me to help out the less fortunate in the New Haven community and meet many new people. It enhanced my experience in the course by allowing me to put to practice the topics we discussed, mainly what it means to be a good person.


John Capozzo

In taking an internship for Sikorsky Aircraft I have been able to apply the education I am receiving here at the University to make a direct, positive contribution to society in one of the highest, most appreciated forms I can think of. I work directly on products that support the US Military and their mission of preserving the way of life we enjoy. Being able to contribute in such a way has forced me to take ownership of not just my work, but my education.


Eileen Kirsten Castaneda

This experience was important to me because I learned the responsibility of working and going to school full time. I was able to use knowledge learned in the classroom at my job and the experience helped me learn new skills. Overall, my experiences at UNH and at my internship have helped me build a solid foundation for my future career.


Alesha Chu Foo

This internship gave me the opportunity to gain hands on work experience. I was able to test my dreams of working in law enforcement without committing to the job completely.   This internship provided networking opportunities, which was a great way to meet people in the field I was able to utilize my networking skills to learn more about the career I have always dreamed of. This internship has confirmed that I want a career in law enforcement and/or public safety.


Judy Costa

These experiences were important to me, especially the internship, because it gave me the opportunity to explore what it would be like pursuing an actual career in my major and it all steered me in the direction that I wanted to go with my major.


Jonathan Creem

The experiential education activities have really given me the hands on learning that I needed to bring my education full circle. In my internship, I focused on the business aspects of running a college soccer team, and found myself applying materials that I learned in the classroom.  Both experiential education activities really improved my skills in working with others to accomplish tasks that needed to be done before a deadline.  I now have solid working experience to anchor my resume .


Morgan Dart

My internship at Sono-Tek has given me experiences that are not available through schooling and have helped me grow as a young professional.  It has helped me expand my knowledge outside of the class room and prepared me for the Chemical Engineering profession. The research that I am conducting through process simulation software has helped me expand my knowledge of Chemical Engineering operations and understand them in a more involved manner.  I feel that the University of New Haven has prepared me for my future career and I am thankful for the opportunities it has given me.

Letesha Davis

The experience I had as B.E.T intern was important to me because it helped me to get ahead in a competitive market. Music and entertainment is not an easy field to gain success in.  Being surrounded by a lot of industry professionals helped me to get some real hands on experience in the Artist & Repertoire field. I learned about different software that is used in the media field. I also learned about many other career paths that I could consider getting into, using my music knowledge.  I gained a chance to network with people who could help me jumpstart my career.


Elizabeth De La Torre

My internship was an amazing experience as it definitely challenged me and helped to stimulate my brain. Moreover, being in the “big leagues” allowed me to discover my strengths, appreciate the hard work, and further subscribe to the notion of not being complacent. Being exposed to various sectors has made me eager to absorb knowledge, vastly determined to succeed, and has encouraged me to reach out to all of the possibilities.


Sylvia DeMichiel

Studying abroad in Cusco, Peru I was able to learn about a different culture and history where it actually occurs. It taught how to be on my own and how to handle living in another culture. I learned more about myself. I learned how to handle difficult situations when you don’t know anything familiar. It allowed me to grow as a person. Helping those kids in Peru, was life changing. By helping someone in a different culture, it gives you a different perspective of your life and problems at home. This experience helped me see the world and myself in a new light and would not have been able to another way.


Nicole Denny

I have met such amazing people throughout my several experiential education experiences and they have all helped me become the person I am today. My experiences have been so rewarding and I have learned so much more about myself and others. I believe my experiences with experiential education will aid me in my future profession and has instilled a sense of pride in me for my school and the community we serve.


Corrianne Dionne

I never dreamt that I would achieve all four aspects of EE while pursuing my undergraduate degree. Service Learning at Thompson Elementary School gave me courage and confidence in realizing that I was a positive role model for others. The two and a half weeks in Italy were absolutely unforgettable. I made strong relationships with my classmates and learned a great deal about myself in the process. It opened my eyes to a new world. My internship showed me various aspects of law enforcement as a career. Experiential Education will allow you to learn things about yourself you never knew before, help your community, and build your education experience to be a memorable one.


Elizabeth Field

My internship at the Connecticut General Assembly in the office of Senate Majority Leader Martin Looney allowed me to take what I had learned in the classroom and apply these lessons in real world scenarios regarding public policy and the inner workings of a state government. In my work I was able to  forge connections and gain valuable life experience.



Megan Fimbel

My faculty-mentored research project is examining paper coatings to determine whether paper samples can be individualized to a manufacturer.  I am using x-ray diffraction and the scanning electron microscope in my experimentation.  This directly relates to the dream career I would like to have, which is to become a Questioned Documents examiner. I am moving onto graduate school next year.


Megan Fitzsimmons

My internship provided me with valuable lessons and gave me first-hand experience in being a crime scene investigator. I was able to handle case paperwork, process various scenes, and analyze physical evidence by myself. This work experience not only gave me familiarity and confidence in performing analyses on evidentiary materials found in criminal investigations, but helped me realize I can see myself working in either a lab-based environment or going to the actual scene.


Victoria Ford

Being abroad forced me to learn to how to navigate college courses on my own, live on my own, and learn to be more understanding of others. Taking what we learned about the history of London then going out and seeing the location each event occurred was such an amazing way to learn. Traveling bolstered my independence. I learned the importance of the history and it made me appreciate how all the world events are connected.


Christopher George Gibney

As required for completion of the Honors Program I was required to complete a capstone experience which was why I applied to the internship program at the Colorado Bureau of Investigation.  There I learned a great deal about how a crime lab functions as a whole and only cemented my decision about entering into this field.


Kimberly Harman

Participating in the President’s Public Service Fellowship changed my life. The people I worked with and experiences I gained will stay with me forever. Working in City Hall opened my eyes to the world of politics and how important it is to become active in the community. There are few greater feelings than giving back to a community that gave me so much during my time at UNH. 


Alysha Hines

When I began my internship at the Colorado Bureau of Investigation –I found out that I actually knew a lot more than I thought I did. The analysts at the lab would as me questions, and I knew exactly what they were talking about. When studying forensics at UNH, I had narrowed down the fields of forensics that I was interested in. These fields were latent prints, crime scene, or trace evidence. After being at my internship, and validating all of the latent print chemicals, I realized that my career path would either be in latent prints or in crime scene investigation. I have learned so much from actually being at CBI and will always push for other students to participate in an internship opportunity.


Allison Housholder

My internship with the New Haven Regional Children’s Probate Court was a great opportunity to get experience in a work field that is within my major. I really grew from the experience because it introduced me to many of the major issues that are going on in the Greater New Haven Area such as child guardianship issues, poverty issues, and the legal issues that have to do with children in the justice system. Without this experience I would not have made the community ties or gained the work experience that I did through the internship program.

Dana Ilowite

My internship with the Suffolk County Police Department was the most important experiences that I have had.  Being able to get the hands on experience in police work made me realize that I actually did not want to go into that field. I have turned to the field of social work and will be pursuing an MSW at Columbia University in the fall. 


John Irwin

This was a great experience to introduce me to my field of work. It allowed me to get hand on experience with daily operations that I would be asked to address in the future. This also confirmed that I have chosen the right field for me and made me enthused about my career.


Speruthia Jeantel

This experience was so important to me because I was given a chance to grow and branch out in a way I never saw possible. I was able to unveil skills and motivation to a non-profit organization in the Greater New Haven area. Also, I made so many networks in the New Haven area, which benefited wonderful connections for future community service opportunities.

Mary Kitsis

The service learning course meant a lot because it feels nice to be able to mentor a young person and help them figure out themselves and the next step in their lives.  My mentoring experience meant more to me because it meant so much to my mentee.  My internship was amazing and I am so glad I was able to get it completed in my hometown’s police department because I have connections now when I come home and am actively pursuing careers. I learned a lot about myself through the internship and my family and friends noticed a huge change in my personality and demeanor because I was doing something I enjoyed.


John Kovalsky

This Practicum was a great experience. The students involved produced the live web broadcast of the football games at UNH. During the Practicum I was in charge of getting the equipment together and ensuring it was set up correctly at the field. I learned a number of management and organizational skills that I would not have gained in any classroom. I was often the technical director, and given the opportunity to direct the broadcast a few times. Overall I gained a wide variety of experience from the Production Practicum that I will be able to take with me in the work force.


Erin Kelly

I believe that gaining experience as an undergraduate enables one to investigate and gain a better understanding of the field that they are going into. I was given the privilege of conducting my own research in my chosen degree of Marine Biology. This gave me the opportunity to not only develop my research skills outside of a classroom setting but to also just enjoy gaining more knowledge and information about the oceans and the organisms that inhabit it; something that I have been interested and curious about discovering since I was a child.


Megan Kolis

My experience with the Elizabeth Freeman Center, Rape Crisis Center, was important to me because I developed many skills that I can practice in my Criminal Justice career. I was able to network with many professionals. One of the most rewarding aspects of this internship was learning how a non-profit agency runs and experiencing what it is like to work in a professional setting. I was able to observe in the courtroom, work in the local police department, and sit in on counseling sessions. I completed a 40-hour Hotline training and received a certificate in Rape Crisis Counseling. The most important part of completing this internship was learning what I do not want to do as a career, which I found to be just as rewarding.

Zachary Kyte

This research has not only opened up my eyes to other areas within Criminal Justice but also has helped out with my academic writing in my undergraduate classes. I learned how to connect statistical data with real life issues, it made crime statistics much more understandable. I worked on my public speaking skills because the research was presented to a large group of people, I had to field questions from professionals in the Criminal Justice field on data and theory. Being able to apply the theories that I have learned in my classes made me feel that my education has a strong connection to what I will be dealing with when I graduate.


Jeff Lazzara

Through my internship at Northwestern Mutual Financial, I was able to gain real-world knowledge and experience  related to financial planning and advising offering comprehensive financial plans to clients, while keeping their best interest in mind. Out of 6,000 interns, the top 100 producing interns in the country receive recognition.  I placed #73 in the country, and was awarded a 3-day trip to Milwaukee.  This was one of the greatest experiences of my life as I had the opportunity to meet a lot of the top executives in the company along with a number of ambitious, forward-moving interns that were in similar positions as me.


Derek A. LeDoux

By participating in a two semester pair of studies literature review and experiment.  I have learned both the importance of research within the field of psychology as well as the importance of it to myself. The experience have granted me the opportunity to expand and apply the knowledge I have learned in the classroom setting and afforded me a degree of confidence in my own ability I believe that with this experience, I will have a leg up on some when I both apply to graduate programs as well as actually  participating in graduate studies and research.


Ashlie Liller

My time spent at the Rape Crisis Center of Milford, Inc.  was important to me because I was able to receive firsthand experience in a field related to my degree. While completing my internship, I actually was able to make a difference in people’s lives during some of their most tragic moments. My experience at the Rape Crisis Center of Milford, Inc. helped me to finally answer the question of what I want to do when I graduate and that is to work as a victim service advocate at a sexual assault crisis center or in the court system.


Lauren A. Machado

The Newington Police Department is my home police department and internships didn’t exist when I applied.  Lieutenant Morgan however took a chance on me, an internship program was created and involved visiting the Connecticut State Forensic Lab, Newington’s Forensic Lab. I helped package and photograph evidence, and participated in ride-a-longs. I was interested in being a police officer, but didn’t know if I was capable of being one.  I was paired with a female officer who completely inspired me and changed my outlook on how strong of a person I really am.   


Stephanie Marco

As a senior Forensic Science and Chemistry double major, completing my Honors Thesis under the guidance of Dr. Virginia Maxwell was an invaluable experience.  My research involved the detection of ketamine in common alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages using a portable Raman spectrometer.  I believe this research experience will prepare me for my graduate studies in toxicology as it has enabled me to explore a potentially useful technique in the presumptive identification of drugs at crime scenes.


Dan Markwat

My internship with CIGNA was one of the most significant experiences of my college career.  I worked with professionals in a business setting to develop, troubleshoot, and work with real enterprise application solutions, as well as network with managers, executives, and even the CIO.  What I learned in all my classes doesn’t compare with what I learned in that one summer. Everything I learned in action for three months on a large scale filled in a lot of gaps that the classroom could never fill: quality assurance, development, the back-and-forth between all the different teammates in different departments, putting applications into production, diagnosing issues in a grossly complex system used by millions of people. 


Kristin McElheny

This experience was important to me because it taught me not only how to work in the hospitality industry, but also the importance of company values and training.  It was an honor to work for the Walt Disney Company and experience all that they have to offer. I was able to learn about how to adequately run a restaurant and manage a variety of age and ethnic groups, as well as unions. My experience at Disney World was invaluable to my learning at UNH.



Kirsten McLaughlin

The importance of my abroad experience is that it´s a 360° experience that I never imagined prior to departing the U.S. for my first time. The scholastic aspect of my semester here is equally as fulfilling. From the teaching style of the professors to the interesting comparisons of United States common law and European civil law.  One of my motivating factors for choosing Spain over other destinations is because of my strong desire to be bilingual. Through classes and exchanges on campus, I can proudly say that I´m working hard towards that goal.



Lindsay Melanson

My experience with Study Abroad/Study Away was an extremely important part of my education here at UNH. It gave me the opportunity to broaden my knowledge and not only learn about new culture, but also the opportunity to learn about myself.  It was an incredible experience to be immersed in new cultures and learn. One can learn so much about themselves, cultures, travel, and open their eyes to many new experiences while studying in a foreign country.



Brandy Morneau

Participating in SURF was a very valuable experience. I want to attend medical school in a Medical Scientist Training Program (MSTP) pursuing an MD and a Ph. D simultaneously. Obtaining a Ph. D will require research and SURF provided me with valuable research experiences such as writing a grant proposal and making a research presentation. In addition to giving me valuable experiences in research, I really enjoyed my research. I learned a lot and had a part of making a contribution to understanding the emergence of life on Earth.



Gisselle Murillo

My internship was one of the most inspiring experiences so far. I was able to further improve my overall knowledge in design, as well as preparing myself as an individual and as a future professional. It allowed me to see the difference between the school atmosphere and the work environment. I feel like by interning at RMD it pushed me to the next level of my education and a step closer to my career.



Sean Murphy

The Oskar Schindler Humanities Course allowed me to step outside the boundaries of a conventional classroom environment. The biggest lesson I took away from the course is that it is important to keep a moral compass in all aspects of one’s life. Since my career goal is to be a public servant, it is very important to keep this lesson in mind in order to keep the public’s trust.



Samantha Nantel

By working at the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Project M.O.R.E., and with the Trumbull Police Cadets, I was able to apply my education from the University of New Haven while exploring career options within my majors. Through these experiences I learned what it was like to work 40 hours a week in a professional environment. I learned about the various opportunities within the F.B.I. and how I can use both my legal education and criminal justice education in order to succeed as a federal employee.



Kelly Nelson

My internships have allowed me to gain valuable industry experience while still studying for a degree. I have learned the skills necessary to apply my technical education to a full time position upon graduation.  After two internships, I possess the personal qualities and technical knowledge to face engineering challenges in the workplace.


Ashley Niro

My time spent working at UNH’s Internet Marketing Department has been a great opportunity to apply what I’ve learned in my graphic design classes to a real world setting. This experience has given me the chance to solve design problems, produce logos for campus departments, and create graphics for the university’s website—all skills that will be useful in a future graphic design career. I am very thankful to the Marketing Department for how much I have learned.


Melissa Norman

This internship allowed me to engage in the behind scenes organization of the criminal justice system as well as witness first hand how different criminal justice agencies within the state communicate with each other on an administrative level. The material I worked on will be used with Connecticut Information Sharing System. It’s exciting to know one day in my future career I may be using a database I was able to help design!



Molly Roxborough Perry

Studying abroad my first semester of college provided me with a unique and once in a lifetime experience to immerse myself into another culture. This experience allowed me to learn that I was capable of exceeding my own expectations and perceived limitations. My semester abroad truly shaped me as an individual and helped me become the person I am today.



Brittani Piekarski

My research project contributes to  better understanding of individuals that are considered deviant by society and pinpoints major motivations behind crime and the public’s perception of these motivations. These experiences have helped shape me as an individual and allowed me to explore different avenues within my field of study. Each experience that I have been a part of, has shaped me into the individual that I am today. I contribute my experiences to modeling my future aspirations.



Erin Provost

Project MORE allowed me to see the reintegration services available to help get people back on their feet. I helped by compiling all of their various resources, as well as information for other agencies, to create a centralized, one stop source for information. Through that project, I was able to see that there were many organizations in New Haven with the goal of helping ex-offenders find jobs, housing, clothes, and food in order to reintegrate into the New Haven community. I am proud to have been involved in a project to make that difficult search for help, a little easier.


Rachel Putorti

My internship experience was extremely important to me because it taught me that learning from experience was truly the best way to learn.  I was able to apply what I learned in the classroom to real life experiences and practice what I knew.  I learned about the responsibilities of every position held in the courthouse which helped me decide where I want my career path to go. internship was very important to me and expanded my knowledge of the criminal justice system. 



Robert Pysz Jr.

My internship with the United States Marshals provided me with an invaluable experience.  It gave me insight into the field of the United States Marshals.  The hands on training will help me as I pursue a job in the field of law enforcement.  This experiential opportunity had a significant impact on my future.



Jonathan P. Richards

Working as an intern, at Covidien, has instilled in me the knowledge and importance of working within a group. My experience was important because it allowed for the real world application of what I have been learning and studying at the University of New Haven.  It also provides a sense of accomplishment after all the hard work at school, the nervous moments of “I don’t know if I will make it”, turns into being  recognized by an honor society and the chance to have a full time job to create medical devices that save people’s lives. 



Ashli Ridolfi

My internship has allowed me the opportunity to grow, in my knowledge and understanding of my field of study, but also from my mistakes and how to prevent them from happening once actually in the field. 



Harry Rocheville Jr.

I will learn about something in the classroom and almost instantly find a real world example of this lesson at work. This internship has also introduced me to the legal aspect of engineering.  I am able to understand how projects move along. I am exposed to different combinations of civil engineering.  For these reasons this internship has been an excellent aid to studies.



Megan Rowe

Having the opportunity to participate in two internships gave me the real world experience in my field which I was looking for and helped me decide what career path I want to choose after graduating with my degree.  Internships also gave me the opportunity to network within my field with professionals I otherwise wouldn’t not have met.



Amanda Scalza

Obtaining experience in both research and industrial settings were imperative to create a well-rounded undergraduate experience.  The research conducted during SURF on copper oxide nanotubes was interesting due to the many new instruments that were used in the process.  Working in a nuclear power plant was fascinating.  I was amazed to see the amount of work that it takes to keeps electric running through our homes and businesses.


Kristen Schmicker

I learned so much from the people I met and the places I traveled.  I received a lot of experience doing studies of the coral on the Great Barrier Reef.  I learned how a different culture of people lives and how students in Australia live on campus.  I met many new people and made great friends I hope to have for a long time. This experience and everything I learned abroad are things that I will use in my future careers and are things I will keep with me for the rest of my life.


Jane Schwab

This experience was very enlightening to me because it provided me the opportunity to gain experience in the practical, instead of theoretical, side of engineering. It has made me aware of the possibilities of what I can do with a degree in engineering. It was exciting to see what I was now capable of contributing to a company at such a young age.



Emily Sobestanovich

My research provided me with the unique opportunity to see my education come to life without even stepping foot off campus. For the first time I felt like what I was doing in a lab had an impact and a purpose. I applied concepts that I learned in class and I was able to operate instrumentation used in Forensic Science labs around the globe. My experience give me the chance to improve my laboratory skills but reassured me that my education was serving a greater purpose.


Dominique Stasulli

My research project in the forensic DNA lab opened my eyes to the world of scientific research and has pushed my medical school aspirations in the direction of medical research science. My Experiential Education has truly shaped my outlook on life and my future, and made me so grateful that I chose the University of New Haven as my home.   



Michael Swiatek

The biggest thing I took away from my Study Abroad/Study Away trip to France was just how different other cultures around the world are from ours in the United States. It’s one thing to learn about other cultures around the world but it’s a very different thing to see it in person. A course I have taken in international management gave me an introduction to some of those differences. I will be much better prepared to deal with people from around the world. The French language skills I learned up will also be a valuable asset.


Chelsea Kathryn Vetre

As a result of my internship I seek to raise awareness of the devastating effects sexual assault has on the victims, their families, and society. I was assigned to the ING Marathon, I found myself increasing my volunteer hours and working from home to ensure the event would succeed. I assisted The Jane Doe No More team in raising 15,600 dollars, which is 5,600 dollars over our goal amount. This internship has changed my life, and I continue to intern after my required hours. I have found my love for fundraising, and raising awareness for victims of sexual assault. I intend to incorporate both of these passions into my career after graduation.


Alicia Wallace

I used this experience as a way to gain valuable skills and understanding in research methods, techniques, and practice. This experience allowed me to take knowledge I had acquired in the classroom and apply it to real-life situations. I was able to use the research skills and techniques I learned in class and apply it to research outside of the classroom. It reinforced my classroom learning.


Joshua Wang

My internship afforded me the ability to apply skills through meaningful, creative and quantifiable projects, which further developed my skills to a new and higher plateau. This experience has been invaluable to me, and I believe this would be as significant and meaningful to others looking to achieve a higher level of excellence in their personal and professional lives as well.


James Williamson

My experience with the UNH Solar Testing and Training Laboratory has been important as it has given me the opportunity to develop technical “hands-on” skills. I have learned the techniques used in piping, as well as general fluid flow system design. Additionally, I have gained a thorough understanding of the thermal and PV solar energy fields. Overall, this experience has proven to be beneficial as the demand for alternative energies continues to develop.


Nadine Yarasitis

I'm not going to lie, I was extremely nervous to step into Rounder Records for the very first time. Would I be able to handle the workload, would my co-workers like me, would they even invite me back the following day?  The Rounder team was welcoming and the insight I gained into working within a record label is something I will be forever grateful for. I made lifelong friends and look forward to returning to the label in the future.


Rebekah Ziegman

As a Marine Biology major, it was an amazing opportunity to be able to spend a whole semester so close to one of the most incredible marine environments in the world the Great Barrier Reef. Not only was I able to scuba dive on the reef and see incredible creatures like sea turtles, sharks, and a manta ray, I was also able to take Coral Reef Ecology class that applied towards my degree and learn even more about fascinating tropical ecosystem that is so different than the marine ecosystems found off of the east coast of America.