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2011 Inductees

 Erin Boyle

 Interning with Live Nation for two semesters has been such a wonderful experience.  I gained so much experience in the field that I could not have gotten in the classroom.  I have learned more about what goes into putting on concerts and events at the Oakdale Theatre while having a lot of fun. My study abroad experience was a once in a lifetime experience that I will never forget.  I was able to learn about a different country and culture and meet amazing people whom I'm still friends with.


Joshua Camins-Esakov

My work at the outpatient treatment facility in NJ really helped me solidify my interests. I enjoyed the experience so much I based my senior thesis research off of data collected while there. Overall it was a great experience that will help me in graduate school and beyond. My internship turned into a very interesting research opportunity for me.  Now, I am presenting at a professional conference in addition to using the data for my senior thesis. It really helped me flesh out my research interests and desire to continue to do research throughout my career. After spending 14 days in Israel through the Birthright experience I was really able to put my life in perspective, and truly appreciate the beauty of the world around me.


Eunice Cabato DeLeon

My volunteer experiences at the VA hospital helped me identify and clarify my interests in the field of psychology and research. I was able to learn the uses of things learned in statistics and experiential psychology. Some of the things dealing with research I’ve been acquainted with at the NCPTSD, which coincides with what I am learning now for one of my courses. I enjoy and learn more when I see the practical application of classroom lectures. The experience there was something to aid me not only in a research study I am conducting now for one of my classes, but helped me understand more on what my interests lied in terms of future decisions for higher education.


Megan Fimbel

Traveling to France was a wonderful opportunity. It was a truly different experience being abroad for the first time, as a Forensic Science and Chemistry dual major, taking business and culture classes. The experience really pushed all twelve of us together, and I learned a lot about myself as well.


Sarah Gostin

My internship was not only an incredible experience, but really helped me to experience different aspects in law enforcement. It gave me a better sense of that career path and what I'd like to do in the field.  Working with Mr. Spignesi has benefited my writing and shown new opportunities for it.


David Ho-Yen

The Experiential Education program here at UNH has helped me achieve some of my finest accomplishments in my life as well as undergraduate career. My experiences through this program have helped me achieve goals that can’t be met in the class room as well as have given me hands on experience through my internship that can’t be replaced. Experiential Education has taken me to places around the world which I would have not expected and showed me that my career choice is right for me. I would like to thank Experiential Education for the opportunities to attend the summer trip to China and the internship with New Haven Police.


Tara Jacowleff

This experience was important to me because I got the opportunity  to  experience what it is like to be a lawyer in a court room. I made valuable network connections and learned court room dynamics. This internship has helped me solidify my decision to go to law school.

Alyssa Koehn

My Experiences were both very different.  By studying abroad I got a better sense of the world and was able to meet and connect with so many new and different people.  While I was in Australia I learned so many new and fascinating things that I would not have had the chance to at UNH.  My study abroad program was not directly related to my major but was rather something of interest to me.  Being in Australia allowed be to step outside of the realms of forensic science to study and learn about something else that interests me.  My internship experience was required for my degree in forensic science, however by fulfilling this requirement I learned what it would be like to actually work in a laboratory.  This helped me to not only make connections in my field but also to decide if this was the field I wanted to pursue.  Each experience enriched my life and made my undergraduate experience more exciting!”


Erin Kostrubiak

This internship helped to show me what my career path has in store. It also helped to show that the career path I have taken was the correct one.


Michele Kowalewski

My internship is important to me because I was able to apply what I learned in the classroom to the real world. I applied to be an intern with Juvenile Probation on a whim and I loved it. The work is challenging and fulfilling because I am able to help youths and their families. I have my own mini case load and I am responsible for my own clients. I have completed over 250 hours and will continue until I graduate. My internship helped me discover what career I want to pursue.


Rebecca Kruge

During my time at the University of New Haven, I have been able to personally attest to the University’s motto  “for the experience”. My first experience was within an adult probation office in the State of Connecticut. Here I was able to have a hands on experience with the judicial branch. This experience highlighted what was being taught to me in courses through the University. During my second internship at the Secretary of State’s office I was able to experience the everyday feel of how a major government office runs. I was allowed to contribute to evaluation of the press, speech writing, and office operations. Through this internship I was able to grow and mature professionally. Lastly, through my experience of faculty mentored research, I was able to deeply discover information on an interesting topic and further my education. This project helped me to evaluate and appreciate the academic growth that the University of New Haven   has helped me gain.


Sarah Mattson

Interning with the Milford Fire Marshal's Office was an invaluable experience.  Getting out in the field and getting hands on really reinforced the concepts learned in class.  I got a taste of what it would be like to work for a public fire department and I really enjoyed it.


Jamie Pascucci

My academic services learning and my work-integrated learning experiences helped me prepare for when I enter the workforce after I graduate from the University of New Haven. These experiences taught me the value of teamwork and allowed me to gain more first hand knowledge than I already had from my courses at UNH. It allowed me to apply what I have studied in the classroom to real world occurrences. I was able to learn a lot of things that happen behind the scenes and how to do a lot of the paperwork that is involved in processing a person who needs to be arraigned. I had a lot of fun working at Nassau County First District Court and I really learned a lot.


Kaitlyn Richmond

Working at CitySeed was a transformative experience that I know I'll carry with me for the rest of my life. I learned about the inner-workings of nonprofits, experienced a new environment, and became familiar with health and wellness issues as they relate to both myself and the city of New Haven.

Interning at WTNH helped me define my career goals and is a big reason why I decided to attend graduate school for journalism. I was able to do everything from go out into the field with reporters to write stories for on-air broadcast. I knew by the end that journalism was the right path for me.


Jimmy Rivas

I spent 15 weeks on St. Louis, Missouri working for the Boeing Company's Defense, Space, and Security Department  as a Software Engineering Intern during the summer of 2010 and again summer of 2011. During this time, I had the opportunity to be assigned to work on the future Navy surveillance aircraft, the Poseidon P-8A.


Aaron P. Roudabush Jr. 

My experiences with the experiential education aspects that I have done have made me better realize how things can actually get done in the real world and how an individual can improve the world around him.  My internship was required for my major, but I actually got to see what detective work is.


Melanie Rovinsky 


I completed three Experiential Education activities. All of them have opened my mind up to different professional areas that I may pursue in the future, including online marketing and publishing. Before these experiences, I was unaware of the opportunities that I have available to me when I graduate.


Maggie Schmuhl 

Studying abroad was honestly one of the best decisions in my life.  After studying Russian language and culture for two years, going to Russia was like a dream come true. While we were there, we studied the Russian criminal justice system and attended several lectures from law professors and working professionals.  We were able to see how Russia is evolving from its Soviet roots, and adapting Western practices in their justice system, such as a jury trial system. I’m grateful to have been enrolled in the Oskar Schindler Humanities Course because it really helped me realize how much potential we have and how much good we can do for one another.  All in all, this service-learning course has helped me understand my community and most importantly it has taught me about the person I want to become.


Rachel Senecal 

My experiences in the field have been important to me because I only learned so much from a book and a lecture. Being out in the  workplace gave me a new and better perspective of my future career, and of what I truly want to accomplish.


Javier Stevens 

This study abroad program was important because it gave me an opportunity to experience another culture, network with students from another college (Sarah Lawrence), and conduct first hand research on a topic of interest. The sites and venues that i visited are memories I will never forget. Doing community service abroad was an eye opening experience. What I loved most about the trip were the bonds I formed while I was there.


Christopher Vaillancourt 

Going into corrections, it was extremely beneficial to have the opportunity to participate in an internship. There are many mixed reviews about the profession but actually participating in the day to day operations of the facility helped to reinforce my career choice for myself. It is much better knowing with confidence  that you are going to enjoy going to work than getting there and it not being what you expected.


Kelly Van Horn

Teaching an after school program at Common Ground High School opened my eyes to another career path to consider after graduation. Studying abroad in Australia was simply the most amazing experience I have ever had. Both of these experiences changed my life, and helped me grow as a person.


Andrew Wells

One of the proudest moments of my undergraduate career was when I was hired as an intern by Warner Bros Records in New York City. In my time at WBR, I worked directly with the owner and founder of Basecamp Productions, a company that records and sells digital copies of live albums from every date of their artists’ tours. Artists that have worked with Basecamp include Pearl Jam, Linkin Park, Jay Z, Disturbed, Kings of Leon and Busta Rhymes, among others. This internship was a huge learning experience for me as I was able to see what working for a major record label is actually like.  I also learned a great deal about daily life in Manhattan.


James Wightman

My internships were most fulfilling experiences. It was definitely not a traditional job of data input. I coordinated large events consisting of 300-400 people and cross-institution collaboration. My other projects included creating the X E club and help young adults with their personal/professional goals and also teach the members values/goals to collaborate on creating successful events. My work for the Center was truly rewarding. Reaching out to help make this transition easier for them was an interesting experience and I learned a lot from the students and staff. My other duties involved creating a branding strategy.