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Marketing and Quantitative Analysis
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    Dr. William Pan joined the University of New Haven in 1976. He has been a Professor of Quantitative Analysis at the University of New Haven for more than 30 years. He is currently Professor of Quantitative Analysis Department, College of Business, University of New Haven.

    Dr. Pan has been an officer of the Connecticut Chapter of the American Statistical Association 1997 - 2008. He was the President of the Connecticut Chapter of ASA in 2006. In addition, Dr. Pan is also a member of the International Chinese Statistical Association, as well as a life member of the Society of Logistics Engineers and Chinese Bioscientists in America.



    B.S. National Cheng Kung University, Tainan, Taiwan, 1960

    M.B.A. Auburn University, Auburn, Alabama, 1966

    Ph.D. Columbia University, New York, New York, 1974



    International Chinese Statistical Association

    Chinese Bioscientists in America

    Logistics Engineers

    American Statistical Association

    I was elected Representative of ASA Connecticut Chapter to the National ASA American Statistical Association organization (2005 - 2008)

Academic Credentials

    Published Articles

    Jiajuan Liang and William S.Y. Pan "A Matlab-Aided Method for Teaching Calculus-Based Business Mathematics" American Journal of Business Education (2009) Volume 2, Number 9, pp.15- 40

    Jiajuan Liang and William S.Y. Pan "ANOVA for Business Data: What Can You Do If the Statistical Conditions are not Satisfied?" The Journal of Global Business Issues (2007) Volume 1 Issue 2, pp.205-219

    William Pan, Kamal Upadhyaya and Jiajuan Liang "Impact of China's Yuan Revaluation" International Business and Economics Research Journal (2006) Volume 5, No.11 pp.67-71

    Jiajuan Liang and William Pan "Testing The Mean For Business Data: Should One Use The Z-test, T-test, F-test, the Chi-Square test, or the P-Value Method?" Journal of College Teaching and Learning (2006) Volume 3, No.7 pp.79-87

    Parbudyal Singh and William Pan "Factor Affecting Student Adoption of Online Education." Academic Exchange Quarterly(Spring 2004): Volume 8, Issue 1 pp.1-13

    Jiajuan Liang, William S.Y. Pan and Zhen-Hai Yang "Characterization-Based Q-Q Plots for Testing Multinormality." Statistics & Probability Letters (2004) 70, (No.3) 183-190

    William S Pan "The Challenges of Teaching Statistics in the Current Technology Environment." The Journal of American Academy of Business (2003) Volume 3 No.1 pp. 351-354

    C.E. Vlisides and W.E. Chiang, Pan, W "Popularity Factors of ‘All-You-Can-Eat' Chinese Buffets." Foodservice Research International (2000) Volume 12, Number 1, April 2000, pp. 1-24

    Articles Published in Refereed Conference Proceedings

    Liang, J, Pan, W., and Fang, K.T. "A Q-Q plot for detecting non-multinormality based on the Shapiro-Wilks' W-Statistic" a paper presented at Joint Statistics Meeting, Toronto, Canada, August 8-12, 2004 and published at 2004 JSM Proceedings

    S. Bruce Han, Susan Pariseau and Pan, W "Factor Analysis of ISO 9000 Registration Elements" a paper published at 2001 Northeast Decision Sciences Institute Thirtieth Annual Meeting Proceedings

    Kwahng Soo Kim and Pan, W "An Empirical Model Specification of Corporate Social Responsibility: Korean Multinational Corporations in the United States" a paper published at NEBA 2000 International Conference Proceedings

    Kwahng Soo Kim and Pan, W "Corporate Social Responsibility - An Empirical Study of the Practices by the Managers of Korean Multinational Corporation Operating in the United States" a paper published at 1999 NBEA Conference Proceedings

    Pan, W and Jack Werblow "An Empirical Study of Students' Perception of Contemporary Environmental Health Issues" a paper published at 1997 NEBA Conference Proceedings

    Pandji Prasetyo, Jack Werblow and Pan, W "Job Rotation, Absenteeism and Job Enrichment", a paper published at 1997 NEBAConference_Proceedings

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