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Carbone, William (full)
Senior Lecturer and Director of Experiential Education
Henry C. Lee College of Criminal Justice & Forensic Sciences
Criminal Justice
South Campus Hall
Academic Credentials


    M.P.A., University of New Haven, 1974

    B.A., Providence College, 1972


    William H. Carbone is the Senior Lecturer and Director of Experiential Education at the Henry C. Lee College of Criminal Justice and Forensic Science. He teaches courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels in various aspects of the juvenile and adult criminal justice systems. Mr. Carbone held a Practitioner-In-Residence appointment at University of New Haven from 1995 to 2013, prior to his current full-time position at the university.

    In addition to this, he is also the Director of the Tow Youth Justice Institute.

    Mr. Carbone was formerly the Executive Director of the Court Support Services Division (CSSD) of the Connecticut Judicial Branch. He directed and managed over 1,600 employees involved with adult and juvenile probation, family services, juvenile detention, alternative sanctions and pretrial release. Mr. Carbone was also responsible for the planning, coordination and implementation of the Division’s diverse programs and functions, including the supervision of over 46,000 adult probation cases, over 16,000 pre trial release cases, 5,600 family relations cases, and over 4,500 juvenile detention and probation cases daily. The division was also responsible for a network of private, community based non-profits that provide services to over 10,000 adult and 1,000 juvenile clients daily.

    He was formerly the Director of the Office of Alternative Sanctions (OAS) in the Connecticut Judicial Branch. This office was responsible for establishing a range of sanctions between traditional probation and incarceration in every criminal court. The options included mediation, community service, electronic monitoring, drug and alcohol treatment, alternative incarceration centers, and a range of pre-trial diversion programs.

    Mr. Carbone served as Under Secretary of the Management and Justice Planning Division of the State Office of Policy and Management. This division, which he headed from January 1, 1983, to February 1, 1991, had responsibility for planning to improve Connecticut’s adult and juvenile justice systems. From 1983 until 1991, Mr. Carbone chaired, by appointment of the Governor, the Prison and Jail Overcrowding Commission. This commission was responsible for many efforts aimed at alleviating the congestion in the Connecticut correctional system.

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