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Boynton, Charlie (full)
Ph.D., C.P.A.
Associate Professor-Chair
Maxcy Hall


    Ph.D., University of Rhode Island (Finance), 2000

    A.M., Brown University (Economics), 1992

    M.A., University of Rhode Island (Economics), 1992

    M.B.A. University of Rhode Island (Management), 1991

    B.A. Colby College (Philosophy), 1972

    Professional Degree: Certified Public Accountant, Maine 1980


    Awards and Scholarships

    Financial Management Association Doctoral Seminar Award and Grant 1999


    Institution Service For the University of New Haven

    Chair, NEASC Financial Resources Committee, (2009-current)

    Library Committee, University of New Haven, (2005-2008)

    University Day, liaison for the Business School, (2005)

    Academic Computer Committee, (2001-2003)

    Institution Service for the College of Business

    Chair, Graduate Curriculum Committee, (2008-current) 

    Director of Doctoral Program (ScD.), (2005-2008)

    Institution Service For The Department of Economics and Finance

    Graduate advising, (2007-current)

    Finance Club, (2004-2009)

    Undergraduate advising, (2004-2010)

    Dissertation Chair, Clement Lewis, University of New Haven, (2003-2008)


    Community Service

    For the Sant Bani School in Sanbornton New Hampshire, Treasurer and Co-Chair of the current $15 million development campaign.

Academic Credentials

    Refereed Journals

    Boynton, Wentworth, "Brands, pricing power, and economic distress: Tests of the financial performance of brand firms during the Great Depression years," (2010), American Business Review, vol. 23(2). 


    Wentworth Boynton, Henry Oppenheimer, and Sean F. Reid, "The day of the week anomaly: the role of institutional investors in Japan," (2009), Applied Economics Letters, 16(7), 669-676.


    Wentworth Boynton, Henry Oppenheimer, and Sean F. Reid, "Japanese day-fo-the-week return patterns: new results," (2009), Global Finance Journal, 20, 1-20.


    Jiajuan Liang, Pawel Mensz, and Wentworth Boynton, "Testing the mean for business data: A non-traditional approach," (2007), Academy of Taiwan Business Management Review, 3(2).


    Boynton, Wentworth and Henry R. Oppenheimer, "Anomalies in stock market pricing: problems in return measurements," (2006), Journal of Business, 79(5), 2617-2632. 


    Boynton, Wentworth, Henry R. Oppenheimer, Robert Rainish, and Sean F. Reid, "Tests of contrarian and momentum trading rules on stocks in industrial sectors," (2005), Journal of Financial and Economic Practice,Spring, 5(2).

    Refereed Proceedings

    Boynton, Wentworth, Value from market differentiated products, Proceedings: Northeast Decision Science Institute, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, March 30-April 1, 2005.

    Presentations at the University of New Haven

    Boynton, Wentworth, Steven J. Jordan, Gregory Blosick, and Robert F. Rainish, Tracking error volatility: tests with Fama and French 4-factor model, November 2009.


    Boynton, Wentworth, Jiajuan Liang, and Man-Lai Tang, Multivariate asset pricing tests:

    insights from spherical distribution theory, February 2009.


    Boynton, Wentworth and Steven J. Jordan, Learning about momentum: Bayesian tests, April 2009. 


    Boynton, Wentworth and Steven J. Jordan,  Does noise matter for an efficient stock market?  


    Boynton, Wentworth, High-yield financing, risk-sharing, and the capital acquisition process, October 2004.


    Boynton, Wentworth and Henry R. Oppenheimer, Anomalies in stock market pricing: problems in return measurements, with, November 2005.

Industry Experience

    Work Experience in Higher Education

    Associate Professor: University of New Haven, 2005-Present


    Assistant Professor: University of New Haven, 2000-2005


    Visiting Professor: University of New Haven, 1999-2000


    Work Experience

    Chief Financial Officer: VNA of Rhode Island, 1985-1989

    Responsible for financing and accounting for 5 corporate division conglomerate.  Managed the startup and financing for 3 of new divisions.


    Senior Research Associate: Rhode Island Health Services Research, 1980-1985

    Responsible for evaluation of post market evaluations of drugs. Other disease studies included a publication in the American Journal of Public Health.


    Associate Accountant: Cooney, Lee and Libby, CPA’s, Portland Maine, 1978-1980

    Responsible for health care consulting and tax planning.


    Associate staff: Department of Heath and Human Services, Augusta, Maine, 1975-1978

Curriculum Vitae