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Menacherry, Stanley (full)
Practitioner in Residence
Tagliatela College of Engineering
Chemistry & Chemical Engineering
Buckman Hall

    Dr. Menacherry started teaching at the University of New Haven in August 2011 as adjunct in Chemistry. Since January 2013, he has been serving as a Professional In Residence at the university. Dr Menacherry is an entrepreneur, having co-founded two companies: Northeast Bioanalytical laboratories, Hamden, CT which is engaged in quantitation of drugs and metabolites from specimens obtained from clinical trials, and Computer Hospital Inc.,West Haven, CT which is engaged in developing mobile computing for clinical trials and patient enrollment. Prior to starting his own business, Dr Menacherry was employed by major pharma: Abbott Laboratories, IL and Bayer Pharmaceuticals, CT. He was a group leader in the pharmacokinetics and drug metabolism departments of these companies.

    Dr. Menacherry’s research interests are in the field of pharmaceutical chemistry, toxicology, and applications of LC tandem mass spectrometry. His current projects include detection of drugs and metabolites in blood and tissue and the development of databases for tracking laboratory data. 

Academic Credentials


    2000- MBA University of New Haven New Haven, CT.

    1995- Certificate in Pharmacokinetics. University of Arizona (Tucson)

    1991- Ph.D. Analytical Chemistry, Emory University, Atlanta, GA.

    1985- MS (Population Sciences), Bombay University (India)

    1979- Diploma in Statistical Quality Control (Indian Statistical Inst.) 

    1977- BS. Chemistry, Biology, Bangalore University, India


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    Courses Taught

            CH 115/116 -  General Chemistry I and II

            CH 117/118 -  General Chemistry I and II Laboratory

            CH 103        -  Introduction to Chemistry