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Mensz, Pawel (full)
Associate Professor
Marketing & Quantitative Analysis
Maxy 120G
Maxcy Hall


    Dr. Pawel Mensz is a member of faculty at the University of New Haven, where he teaches Statistics, Operations Management and Quantitative Analysis in the School of Business. His main areas of expertise are methods related to process improvement such as Theory of Constraints (TOC), Just-in-Time, Lean Production, Quality Management, Cycle Time Reduction, Inventory Control and Supply Chain Management.

    Dr. Mensz received his entire formal education in Poland. This includes: Ph.D. in Operations Research from the Systems Research Institute of Polish Academy of Sciences (PAN), B.S. and M.S. in mechanical engineering from Warsaw Polytechnics and associate degree from Shipbuilding School in Gdansk. During his association with Polish Academy of Sciences Dr. Mensz specialized in applications of mathematical methods towards statistical quality control, theory of reliability, inventory control, Monte Carlo Simulation and modeling and analyzing production systems. The developed methods were later implemented at the local manufacturers (primary semiconductor, machining and steel-mill industry).

    His American experience includes: commissioning of fine sailing boats, working as an research associate for School of Organization and Management (SOM) at Yale University, where he developed optimizations software and as an Senior Systems Analyst for Creative Output Inc. (COI). COI was a leading manufacturing management-consulting/software firm which developed and promoted OPT (Optimized Production Technology). This technique was broadly publicized by the book The Goal and later known as a DBR (drum-buffer-rope) or TOC (Theory of Constraints). As Senior System Analyst, he was responsible for all aspects of feasibility studies and implementation project. He was assigned to clients like GE, GM, Lear-Siegler and others, where he conducted education and training at all levels of management. He has been certified in Business Analysis and Software Implementation of OPT System by Creative Output Inc. Dr. Mensz also served as a member of the Board of Examiner for the Connecticut Quality Improvement Award Partnership; the local version of the National Malcolm Baldrige Award.

    On a personal note, Dr Pawel Mensz lives in New Haven with his wife Teresa and two daughters. His main hobbies were always off-shore sailing and downhill skiing.



    Ph.D. in Operations Research: 1980, Systems Research Institute of The Polish Academy of Sciences 

    Advanced programming in Algol 60 and Fortran in scientific applications: Institute of Mathematics of The Polish Academy of Sciences, 1975-1976 

    M.S. in Applied Mechanics and Mechanical Engineering: Warsaw Polytechnic, 1974

    B.S. in Mechanical Engineering: Warsaw Polytechnic, 1971

    Graduated: Technical Academy of Shipbuilding, 1967

Academic Credentials

    Published Works

    "Financial Framework for Global Investment and Implications (with Robert Rainish)," American International Journal of Contemporary Research Vol. 2 No 3. March 2012.


    "Urbanization and Economic Growth in South Asia (with K Upadhyaya)," SCMS Journal of Indian Management, Vol. VII No. III. October 2010.


    "Lean Operations and Allocation of Inventory Buffers in Discrete Manufacturing (with K. Upadhyaya and J. Liang)," A.T. Business Management Review, Vol. 4 No. 3. December 2008.


    "Testing the Mean for Business Data: A Non-Traditional Approach (with J. Liang and W. Boynton)," (2007), A.T. Business Management Review Vol. 3 No 2

    "Two Uniform Tests for Detecting Non-mutinormality (with J. Liang)," (2005), Chinese Journal of Applied Probability and Statistics Vol.21  No 3.


    "Lean Operations and Allocation of Inventory Buffers in Discrete Manufacturing (with K.Upadhyaya and J. Liang)," (2005), The 2005 IBER Business Conference


    "Production Flow Productivity and WIP inventory Buffers," (2002), Northeastern Decision Sciences Institute Meeting

    "A Multidisciplinary Analysis of Employee Representation," (2003), Discussion Panel,  29th EEA Conference

    "Using Probabilistic Modelling to Analyze Safety Buffers in Discree Manufacturing," (2003), First Annual Connecticut ASA Conference

Industry Experience

    Professional Experience

    Senior Systems Analyst/Consultant: Creative Output, INC., 1983-1987

    Creative Output, was a leading manufacturing management consulting/software firm which developed and promoted OPT (Optimized Production Technology). This technique was later broadly publicized by the book The Goal as a DBR (drum-buffer-rope approach) or TOC (Theory of Constraints).


    Research Associate: Yale School of Organization Management, 1982-1983


    Assistant Professor: System Research Institute of Polish Academy of Sciences, 1978-1981


    Lecturer: System Research Institute of Polish Academy of Sciences,1975-1978

Curriculum Vitae