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University of New Haven: Kristen Przyborski
Arts & Sciences
Biology and Environmental Science
Dodds Hall

    Research Interests

    My primary research interests today focus on the pedagogy of science. Teaching science is my passion, and I am continually seeking new ways to increase student engagement. I have reported on the impact of habitat restoration and service learning projects on student engagement in undergraduate non-major biology courses. Currently, I am exploring the effectiveness of social media incorporation into course content as a means to engage students with external material, and am evaluating best practices for incorporating universal instructional design principles into online course design.

    My doctoral studies focused on the ecology of natural toxins, and the evolutionary response of aquatic populations to these toxins. Within that realm, I investigated whether toxic algal blooms influence the ecology of primary consumers.



    Ph.D. - Marine Science-Biological Oceanography
    College of Marine Science, University of South Florida, St. Petersburg (2005)

    M.S. - Environmental Science
    University of Massachusetts, Boston (1996)

    B.A. - Biology
    Excelsior College, Albany NY (1994) 

    Professional Development

    Leadership Institute for Early Career STEM Faculty
    Project Kaleidoscope (2010)

    Connecting Student Learning Outcomes to Teaching, Assessment, Curriculum
    Alverno College Institute (2010)

    Fostering Teaching Excellence with the Community of Inquiry Framework
    American Public University System (2012)

    Recent Publications

    Przyborski, K. 2012. Online Course Design: 8 Tips for Teaching Students with Disabilities. Get Educated eLearning and Education Blog. Get

    Przyborski, K. 2012. Between the Lines. Whole Terrain Journal. 19, 44-47.

    Lester, K. 2008. Mitchell Students get a Grasp on Eels. Wracklines Fall/Winter.

    Lester, K., Vargo, G., Walsh, J., Heil, C., Hopkins, T., Burghart, S., Remsen, A., Sutton, T., Neely, M.B., and Spence, D. 2008. Zooplankton and Karenia brevis in the Gulf of Mexico. Continental Shelf Research.  28, 99-111. 

    Lester, K., Merkt, R., Heil, C., Vargo, G., Neely, M.B., Spence, D., Melahn, L. and Walsh, J.  2003. Evolution of a Gymnodinium breve red tide bloom on the West Florida Shelf.  In: Harmful Algal Blooms 2000, Hallegraeff, G.M., Blackburn, S.I., Bolch, C., and Lewis, R.J. (Eds.), IOC of Unesco, pp. 161-163.

    Presentations and Invited Talks

    Coastal Erosion in Connecticut. Invited Talk. Presented at New London Maritime Museum, 2012. New London, CT.

    What my students teach me about environmental activism. Invited Talk. Presented at the Mitchell College Baccalaureate Hooding Ceremony, 2009. New London, CT.

    The Mitchell Beach Restoration Project: Habitat restoration as an experiential teaching tool. Invited Talk. Presented at the University of Connecticut, Department of Marine Sciences, September, 2009. Avery Point, Connecticut.