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Belemlih, Halima
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    As a native trilingual speaker of Arabic, Berber and French and a relatively fluent learner of English I thought I was well equipped to explore the trip I won to the US to celebrate the Moroccan American Bicentennial relationships in 1987.  I discovered I was wrong when I starved for two days in my host’s family in Minnesota, because they were taking my ‘No’ for their offers of food literally, when I was expecting them to keep insisting on me to eat until I surrender. Since then, I knew there was more to a language than just fluency and that the slightest error in the pragmatics of a language can be far more damaging that the most flagrant mistake in grammar.  This is the question I try to explore both in research and in my teaching of languages, making sure that even students who take but one semester of language with me can get out well equipped to behave correctly in the target culture.  In 10 years after they took the course, they might have forgotten how to pronounce a pharyngeal sound correctly, but they would never forget that what might be perceived as polite and correct behavior in one culture can be interpreted as the opposite in the other.



    B.A. Education and Applied Linguistics, Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah University, Fes, Morocco

    M.A. Stylistics, Mohammed Premier University, Oujda, Morocco

    P.h.D. Pragmatics and Cross-Cultural Education, Mohammed Premier University, Oujda, Morocco & Suffield University, England

    Completed Research to be Published

    A Sociolinguistic Analysis of Beni Warain Folk Songs (95 Pages)

    The Psychological problems of Bilinguals, Saint Brieux, France (27 pages)

    Hyponymy in Moroccan Arabic (31pages)

    The Difference between Speech and Writing in Arabic and English from a Stylistic point of View (355 pages)

    Language as a Mirror of Culture: Invitations and Compliments (661 pages) 

    Certificates and Training

    Praxis: ESOL (0360) (Score: 590), UDC, Washington DC  

    Praxis: French Content Knowledge (0173) (Score 186) UDC, Washington DC 

    ACTFL OPI in French (Rate: Superior), White Plains, NY

    ACTFL WPT in French (Rate: Advanced High), White Plains, NY

    ACTFL OPI in Arabic (Rate: Superior), White Plains, NY                                 

    ACTFL WPT in Arabic (Rate: Superior), White Plains, NY

    Linguistics, Technical Cooperation program, Suffield, England

    National Professional Certification, NRF Foundation, Washington DC

    Webtycho Certification for Teaching Online, UMUC, Adelphi, MD

    Committees, Boards, Seminars and Lectures

    International Youth Exchange Program of the United States Information Agency, Washington DC

    Commission Scientifique de Recherche, (Saiss Faculty, SMBAU, Fes, Morocco)

    Boren Scholarship Committee, UNH

    Milla Project Organization