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Mandrile, Cecilia
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    Artist Statement


    Through travelling projects, I search to portray impermanence. During years of moving, I was performing and recording ephemeral installations, observing cities and their crevices through a portable reference: sightless dolls. Several versions of a disguised self-portrait were printed on canvas, attached to objects found or given in various locations. Carrying and curing dolls in buses, stations, streets, airplanes, the self-portrait was tinted by the crossing of borders. Revisiting the documented journey, photographs made evident how (even apparently unanimated) displaced subjects have individual responses to the new background imposed.
    Having most dolls being adopted by ‘retirement homes’, the remaining ones become shadows; shadows that turned into cut-out profiles. Those empty spaces allowed new frames from where to contemplate the shifting landscape. Based on the presence and absence of these silhouettes, I am developing solitary games, graphic artefacts that encourage ‘players’ to engage with the work and the environment through individual strategies. Solitaire is an ongoing project of one-day ‘Solo’ exhibitions; a reflection on the often-lonely experience of both, artists and viewers, as well as a metaphor of our double position in a transient condition, the solitary game of protagonists and witnesses.
    In a nomadic practice, the concept of translation has a double significance: to move subjects/objects from one place or condition to another; to articulate an image in order to interpret its behavior in changing contexts. Through the dual translation of visual fragments, I propose disjointed narratives that rehearse dialogues between ‘portable objects’ and ‘found places’. Aware of the sense of ‘incompleteness’ experienced by displaced subjects, I document the constant flux of their imprint in moving scenarios. Unfolding a visual language that translates my perception of -and adaptation to- different realities as a migrant artist, emerge graphic evidences of aesthetics of displacement, aesthetics that make possible the translation of a wound.


    Cecilia Mandrile (Argentina, 1969) holds a PhD from the University of the West of England, UK, an MFA from the University of Maryland and a BFA in Printmaking from the National University of Córdoba, Argentina. She has exhibited widely in a number of prestigious venues throughout the world, including the Genaro Perez Museum, Córdoba, Argentina, WPA/Corcoran Gallery of Art, Washington, DC; El Museo del Barrio, New York City and Victoria & Albert Museum, London, England.

    During the last years, Mandrile was a visiting artist at international residency programs such as Gasworks Studios, London; Makan-Bait, Amman, Jordan, Kala Art Institute, Berkeley and Ludwig Foundation of Cuba. She is the recipient of several fellowships, grants and awards. Her work is included in private and public collections around the world. Among them, the Victoria & Albert Museum, London; Casa de las Americas, Havana, Cuba; Royal Museum of Fine Arts, Antwerp, Belgium; Museum of Latin American Art, Long Beach, California and the City Museum of Art, Gyor, Hungary.

    Mandrile is a Lecturer of Art at the University of New Haven, and has recently completed a Research Fellowship at the Centre for Fine Print Research, Bristol, UK.



    Ph.D., Bristol School of Art, Media & Design. University of the West of England, Bristol, UK, 2004 
    M.F.A., University of Maryland at College Park, USA, 1997
    B.F.A., Printmaking, National University of Cordoba, Argentina, 1991

    Solo Exhibitions/Installations/Urban Interventions

    Solitary Artefacts, Collaborative Making . Bower Ashton Gallery, UWE, Bristol, UK, 2014
    Solitaire: Solo Project in the Desert. Wadi Rum, Jordan, 2014.
    Quitapenas. Arten Gallery/International MegaPixel Print Festival. Budapest, Hungary, 2014
    El Perfume de la Ausencia. Retrospective exhibition.  Genaro Perez Museum, Córdoba, Argentina, 2013
    New Heaven. Retrospective exhibition. Seton Gallery, University of New Haven. USA, 2012
    Betweening (The Desert Inside) . Makan Cultural Center. Amman, Jordan. 2009
    La Posta (El Desierto Adentro) . Ricardo Rojas Cultural Centre, Buenos Aires, Argentina 2006
    The Translation of a Wound . Makan Cultual Center. Amman, Jordan.  2006
    The Perfume of Absence . Luz Osorio Gallery, London, England 2005
    When Beauty Falls Asleep in Their Eyes . Kunstihoone Gallery. Tallinn, Estonia  2003
    ID- Intensively Displaced - Urban Festival of Zagreb, Croatia  2002
    Private Rains . St. Peter’s Heritage Centre, London, England  2001
    The Perfume of Absence . Kennington Underground Toilets, Vauxhall Art Festival, London.  2001
    Silence between Hands . Genaro Perez Museum, Cordoba, Argentina  2000
    Strategies of Departure . Art Gallery, University of Maryland at College Park, USA  1999
    Definition of Night : Arlington Arts Center, Arlington, VA, USA   1998
    De Almas Unicornias . José Malanca Fine Arts Museum. Córdoba, Argentina  1996
    Gestando un Otoño Digital. Recoleta Cultural Center.Buenos Aires, Argentina 1996
    El Último Invierno en los Jardines de Sir Rain . José Malanca Fine Arts Museum, Argentina  1994
    La Extremidad de la Lluvia . Recoleta Cultural Center, Buenos Aires, Argentina  1994
    Después del Agua, Rinoceronte de Sal. Entrelíneas Art Gallery. Cordoba, Argentina  1992
    Grabados . Artes y Libros Art Gallery. Cordoba, Argentina  1992
    Acotaciones Anfibias al Margen de estos Tiempos. CID Art Gallery. Córdoba, Argentina  1991
    Pululan Ángeles Urbanos y Anfibios Suicidas . Royal Theatre Gallery. Córdoba, Argentina 1991
    Totem a los Chicos Aburridos . International Exhibition Center. Cordoba, Argentina  1989
    Proyecto de Juguetes Rabiosos para Exiliados de Infancias , College of Architects Art Gallery, Cordoba, Argentina  1989
    Destrazar Historias. Goethe Institut. Cordoba, Argentina  1989     

    Selected Group Exhibitions

    Festival de la Luz. Buenos Aires, Argentina. 2014
    Nines. Canem Art Gallery. Castello de la Plana, Spain, 2013
    Collaborative Printmaking. Hong Kong Graphic Art Fiesta, Hong Kong Heritage Museum (Catalogue) 2013
    International Douro Print Biennale. Douro. Portugal (Catalogue), 2010-12
    Matrices. International Print Biennale. Digital Art Association. Budapest. Hungary (Catalogue) 2010-12
    La originalidad en la cultura de la copia. International Printmaking traveling exhibition ( Spain, Mexico, Taiwan).Chiayi Cultural and Creative Industries. Taiwan.( Catalogue), 2012
    Toys and Games with a Twist. Longwood Art Gallery. Bronx Council for the Arts, New York, 2011
    Gyor International Biennial of Drawing and Graphic Art, Gyor, Hungary (Catalogue) 2009, 2007 & 2005
    1989-2009 El Rojas: 20 years of Visual Arts. Ricardo Rojas Cultural Center, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2009
    Episodes & Itineraries II. Latin American Biennial of Graphic Arts. Quito, Ecuador (Catalogue), 2008
    S-Files Biennale of Latin American Art. El Museo del Barrio. New York, USA. (Catalogue), 2007
    Markers VI. Divine In. Tent. Venice, Kassel, New York City. (Catalogue), 2007
    Women of the World. Traveling Exhibition. City Hall Gallery, Amman, Jordan (Catalogue)
    International Print Exhibition. Mahatma Ghandi Institute, Moka, Mauritius
    Prints Now: Directions & Definitions. Victoria &Albert Museum, London, UK . (Catalogue), 2006
    La Huella Multiple. International Print Exhibition. Habana Biennale, Cuba. (Catalogue), 2006
    II Olot Digital Print International Exhibition, Olot, Spain. (CD Catalogue), 2006
    International Triennial of Graphic Art, Bitola, Macedonia (Catalogue), 2006
    13th International Print Biennial, Varna, Bulgaria. (Catalogue), 2005
    Kala Art Institute: Thirty Something. Museum of Modern Art Gallery, San Francisco, 2005
    Perpetual Portfolio. National Museum of Printmaking. Buenos Aires, Argentina (Catalogue)
    Clever Box. Royal West of England Academy, Bristol, UK, 2005
    Real Beauty. Contemporary Art Center. New Orleans (Catalogue), 2005
    XIII Tallinn Print Triennial: In-Exile. Rotermann Salt Storage Arts Centre. Estonia. (Catalogue), 2004
    Draw_Drawing. London Biennale. Gallery 32, London, England, 2004
    Home with No Walls. The World Social Forum, Bombay, India
    Premio La Joven Estampa. Instituto de Cultura Puertorriqueña. San Juan, Puerto Rico. (Catalogue), 2004
    New Directions in Print: The Borderless State. City Museum of Art, Racokzi, Hungary. (Catalogue), 2004
    Wandering Library. Museo Ebraico. Exhibition at Venice Biennale, Italy. (Catalogue), 2003
    4th International Graphic Triennial. Bitola Museum and Gallery, Macedonia. (Catalogue), 2003
    International Print Biennial, Varna, Bulgaria. (Catalogue), 2003
    VII International Biennial of Graphic Arts, City Museum of Art, Gyor, Hungary. (Catalogue), 2003
    III Olot Digital Print International Exhibition. Spain/ Häsinglands Museum, Sweden. (Catalogue), 2003
    XI Biennale Internationale de la Gravure et  des Nouvelles Images. Sarcelles - Val de France. (Catalogue), 2003
    Premio La Joven Estampa. Casa de las Américas, Havana, Cuba. (Catalogue), 2003
    International Print Biennial in Beijing. Yan Huang Art Gallery, Beijing, China. (Catalogue) 2003
    4th Egyptian International Print Triennial, Gizah, Egypt. (Catalogue), 2003
    Item-Grafica Digital. National Museum of Printmaking. Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2003.
    Frans Masereel Centrum Jubilee Exhibition, Frans Masereel Centrum Gallery, Kasterlee, Belgium, 2003
    IMPACT Print Conference. Fine Art Department. University of Cape Town, South Africa, 2003
    Entre el Gesto y la Repetición. Centro de Estudos Brasileros. Buenos Aires, Argentina. (Catalogue), 2003
    Bonifacio del Carril Printmaking Award. Eduardo Sivori Museum. Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2002
    Iowa Miniprint International. University of Iowa Fine Arts Museum of Art. (Catalogue), 2002
    Kala Art Institute. Fellowship Artists Exhibition. Kala Art Gallery, Berkeley, CA, USA, 2002
    XV Maximo Ramos Printmaking Award. Ferrol, Spain. (Catalogue), 2001
    10th Drawing and Print Biennial. Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taiwan. (Catalogue), 2001
    IV International Biennial of Photography: XIV Gaudí Medal. Reus, Spain. (Catalogue), 2001
    9th International Photographic Art Exhibition. Beijing, China. (Catalogue),2001
    Travelers’ Tales- Mail Art Project. The Space@inIVA. London, England, 2001
    Gasworks: Visiting Artists Exhibition. Gasworks, London, England,2001
    ABC Trilingüe: International Printmaking Exhibition. Genaro Pérez Museum. Cordoba, Argentina /Atelier/Piratininga Art Gallery, Sao Paulo, Brazil/ Presse Papier, Montreal Canada/ Galeria Habana, Cuba, 2001
    A Survey of Photomechanical Prints. CADE. Glasgow School of Art, Scotland, 2001
    12th Tallinn Print Triennial. Tallinn, Estonia. (Catalogue), 2000
    I Bienal Arte Objeto.  José Luis Cuevas Museum. Mexico City, Mexico., 2000
    Women of the World. White Columns. New York, USA . Traveling Exhibition. (Catalogue), 2000
    Strategies of Departure. Ludwig Foundation. Havana, Cuba, 2000.
    Digital Art Prodaltec Award. National Museum of Fine Arts. Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2000
    I Argentine Biennial of Graphic Art. Distefano Art Gallery. Buenos Aires, Argentina.
    II Mercosur Printmaking Biennial. ArteBA. Buenos Aires, Argentina,2000
    International Shoebox Sculpture Exhibition. University of Hawaii Art Gallery.  (Catalogue), 2000
    Fast Forward. Corcoran Gallery of Art. Washington, DC, USA.  (Catalogue), 1999
    SIART’99. International Art Exhibition.  National Museum of Fine Art. La Paz, Bolivia. (Catalogue), 1999
    23rd International Biennial of Graphic Art. Jakopic Gallery. Ljubljana, Slovenia. (Catalogue), 1999
    National Exhibition of Printmaking and Drawing. Museum of Fine Arts. Salta, Argentina, 1999
    11th Tallinn Print Triennial. Tallinn, Estonia. (Catalogue), 1998
    XII San Juan Biennial of Latin American and Caribbean Printmaking. San Juan, Puerto Rico. (Catalogue), 1998
    Critics’ Residency Program. Maryland Art Place. Baltimore, MD, USA. (Catalogue),1998
    Digital Print Award. Croydon Clocktower Museum. London, England,1998
    ArtSites98. WPA/Corcoran. Washington DC, USA. (Catalogue),1998
    A Swingin’ Affair. Corcoran Gallery of Art. Washington DC, USA. (Catalogue), 1998
    Multiple Hemispheres: Printmaking Touring Exhibition. Argentina/USA. (Catalogue), 1998
    International Independent Exhibition of Prints in Kanagawa, Japan. (Catalogue), 1997
    The Folio Society Golden Jubilee Illustration Competition. Royal College of Art. London, England, 1997.
    3rd British International Miniature Print Exhibition. Off-Centre Gallery. Bristol, England. (Catalogue), 1997
    10th Seoul International Print Biennial. Ill Min Cultural Center. Seoul, Korea. (Catalogue), 1996
    Hanging Roots: Six Women from the Americas.  Rogue Art Gallery. Victoria, Canada. (Catalogue), 1996
    Rojo sobre Rojo. Center for Contemporary Art. Cordoba, Argentina. (Catalogue), 1995
    ArteBA. Annual Contemporary Art Fair. Recoleta Cultural Center. Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1995
    29th National Exhibition of Printmaking and Drawing. Palais de Glace. Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1995
    Ward Award Exhibition: National Exhibition of Printmaking. Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1994
    National Exhibition of Woodcut. Recoleta Cultural Center. Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1994
    Braque Printmaking Award. Recoleta Cultural Center. Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1992
    27th National Exhibition of Printmaking and Drawing. Palais de Glace. Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1992.

    Grants, Awards, and Fellowships

    2014 Faculty Excellence Award in Research & Creative Activity, University of New Haven
    2013-14 Centre for Fine Print Research Fellowship. University of the West of England, Bristol, UK
    2012 Exhibition Award. Matrices International Print Biennale. Budapest. Hungary
    2010 Collective Fellowship Who can live in this House Project. National Endowment of the Arts, Argentina
    2009 Research Travel Grant. University of New Haven, College of Arts & Sciences. 
    Collective Fellowship Who can live in this House Project. National Endowment of the Arts, Argentina 
    2007 Travel Grant. Women of the World Exhibition in Amman, Jordan. 
    2006 Commission for Public Intervention.  Ricardo Rojas Cultural Center. Buenos Aires, Argentina 
    Diploma of Honor.  International Triennial of Graphic Art, Bitola, Macedonia
    2000-04 Centre for Fine Print Research Fellowship. University of the West of England, Bristol, UK
    2003 City Museum of Art Acquisition Award. VII International Biennial of Graphic Art. Gyor, Hungary
    Travel Grant: Exhibition and Residency in Tallinn, Estonia
    2002 Kala Art Institute Fellowship.  Berkeley, CA, USA.
    MPI02 Award. Iowa Miniprint International, University of Iowa Fine Arts Museum, USA.
    Travel Grant for participating in the Zagreb Urban Festival, Croatia.
    2001 XV Maximo Ramos Print Award. Ferrol, Spain.
    Vauxhall Art Festival Commission for Installation. London, UK.
    2000 Ludwig Foundation of Cuba Fellowship. Havana, Cuba
    1999 The Creative Database Artist Development Grant, USA.
    1997 David C. Driskell Award of Excellence, University of Maryland, College Park, MD, USA. 
    1995-96 University of Maryland Graduate School Fellowship. College Park, MD, USA.
    1996-97 University of Maryland Graduate School Teaching Assistantship. College Park, MD, USA. 
    1996 Honorable Mention, Sixth Annual Exhibition, Maryland Federation of Art, Annapolis, USA. 
    1995 Travel Grant. Arte BA Foundation. Buenos Aires, Argentina.
    1993 Honorable Mention for Printmaking, Libero Pierini Fine Arts Museum, Rio Cuarto, Argentina.
    Honorable Mention for Printmaking, National Miniprint Exhibition, Cordoba, Argentina.
    1992 National University of Cordoba Award, Summa Cum Laude.
    1991 3D Object Award. CIDAM Biennial, Cordoba, Argentina.
    Sculpture Award. Fernando Bonfiglioli Fine Arts Museum, Villa Maria, Argentina.
    Honorable Mention for Painting, Guernica Art Gallery, Cordoba, Argentina.
    1990 Painting Award. Fernando Bonfiglioli Fine Arts Museum, Villa Maria, Argentina.

    Public Collections

    Victoria & Albert Museum, London, England
    Museum of Latin American Art, Long Beach, California, USA
    Colección Arte de Nuestra América, Casa de las Americas, Havana, Cuba
    City Museum of Art, Gyor, Hungary
    Ayuntamiento de Ferrol, Spain
    Fototeca del Museu Comarcal Salvador Vilaseca de Reus, Spain
    Kala Art Institute, Berkeley, CA, USA
    St. Peter’s Heritage Centre, London, England
    Fundación Ludwig de Cuba, Havana, Cuba
    Royal Museum of Fine Arts, Antwerp, Belgium
    Frans Masereel Center, Kasterlee, Belgium
    Instituto de Cultura Puertoriqueña, San Juan, Puerto Rico
    Kanagawa Prefectural Gallery, Kanagawa, Japan
    Museo de Bellas Artes Fernando Bonfliglioli, Cordoba, Argentina
    DEXA Art Galley, University of Panama, Panama
    Escola Recanto, Sao Paulo, Brazil
    Centro Nacional de Grabado, Santiago, Chile
    Archive of Hungarian Electrographic Art Association, Budapest, Hungary
    Private collections in Argentina, Chile, Cuba, USA, England, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Croatia.

    Artist Residencies

    Centre for Fine Print Research. University of the West of England, Bristol, UK, 2013.
    Makan-Bait International Residency Program. Amman, Jordan, 2009
    Who Can Live in This House, National Endowment for the Arts, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2009
    Estonian Artists’ Association. Tallinn, Estonia, 2003
    Kala Art Institute, Berkeley, CA, 2002
    Frans Maseerel Graphic Center, Kasterlee, Belgium, 2001
    Gasworks Studios, Triangle Art Trust, London, England, 2001
    Ludwig Foundation, Havana, Cuba, 2000
    Critics’ Residency Program. Maryland Art Place. Baltimore, USA, 1998
    Designer Internship. Education Department, Organization of American States, Washington DC, 1996  
    Artist Internship. Pyramid Atlantic, Center of Printmaking and Artist’ Book, Maryland, 1996


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    Jury Member/Curatorial/Advising

    International Member. Zona Imaginaria Residency and Community Project. Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2009-14  
    International Member of Editorial Board. EARI (Research Publication on Artistic Education), 2011-12
    Instituto Universitario de Creatividad e Innovaciones Educativas, Universitat de València, Spain, 2011-12
    International Project Advisor. Artists Residency Who can live in this House. Argentina, 2009-14
    Mirrored Images.  Guest  curator. New Jersey Printmaking Council, 2008 
    International Jury Member. Tallinn Print Triennial. Tallin, Estonia, 2007
    Curator. Graphic Evidence. A printmaking exhibition of Dar Al Hekma Students for 30 Days International Print Project in Olot, Spain, 2007
    Curator. NYIT Amman Computer Graphics students’ participation at Sense of Place. International Print Portfolio. Bristol School of Art, Media & Design, University of the West of England, UK, 2006 
    Curator of projects, Advisor and Coordinator. NYIT Amman Computer Graphics students’ participation on SOURCE (Symposium of Undergraduate Research of Creative Expression). NYIT, Manhattan campus, USA, 2006
    Visiting Advisor. MFA Printmaking students. Royal College of Art, London, UK, 2006 
    Curator. NYIT Amman Computer Graphics students’ participation at Clever Boxing International exhibition. Bristol School of Art, Media & Design, University of the West of England, UK, 2005

    Commissioned Visual Projects and Articles for Publishing

    Jose Luis Cuevas: El Dibujante Constante. Critical Essay. Museu d’Art de Girona, Spain, 2014 
    (Non) Graphic Images of Violence: A Studio Conversation with Paul Laidler & Andrew Super, Grabado & Edición. Issue 42.  Madrid, Spain, 2014 .
    UnOtro.Latifundi: 2 ciudades y un lugar imaginario. Ed. Vayreda, M., E. Vendrell and J. Vallés. Olot: Institut de Cultura, 2013. 128-130?ISBN: 978-84-938058-9-0, 2013
    Design Award. Ladies First Concert. Bohemian National Hall. New York City, 2012
    Cover Design. Not a leg to stand on. Meruane, Lina. Díaz Grey Editores, New York, 2012. ISBN 978-956-9101-03-8
    Betweening. La originalidad en la cultura de la copia.  Practice based-Research Publication Co-edited by Universities in Spain (Sevilla, Barcelona, Valencia), Taiwán (Chiayi y Kaohsiung), Chile (Santiago, Valparaíso), México ( DF, Juárez y Oaxaca)- ISBN in process, 2011        
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