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Daneshfar, Alireza (full)
Associate Professor
Maxy 226D
Maxcy Hall


    Dr. Daneshfar’s scholarly research includes the investigation of issues related to business evaluation, corporate performance assessment, and new investment feasibility, accounting system evaluation and accounting education. Dr. Daneshfar has published several research articles in academic journals and presented various research papers at conferences in the U.S., Canada, U.K. and the Netherlands.

    The 2004 American Accounting Association (Mid-Atlantic) annual conference announced Dr. Alireza Daneshfar, the University of New Haven professor, and his co-author Dr. H. Rao as the winner of the 2004 Best Manuscript Award, which included a plaque and cash award. The award was presented to Dr. Daneshfar during the luncheon on Friday April 16, 2004 in Washington, D.C. held in Double Tree Hotel. The American Accounting Association is the most prestigious accounting association in the nation.

    In addition to the 2004 AAA Best Manuscript Award, his other distinctions include best paper award (Atlantic Schools of Business Conference), corporate-sponsored research grant (Bombardier International Corporation), silver prize (August Hagedorn Contest, hosted by the Montreal Society of Financial Analysts), conference participation assistantship (European Management Accounting Association for the Manufacturing Accounting Research Conference, Enchede, Netherlands) and several summer research grants (University of New Haven and University of Ottawa).

    Dr. Daneshfar is the editor of the UNH College of Business Working Paper Series, the latest volume which was published in Fall 2007. He also served as a guest speaker for the Institute of Management Accountants, New Haven Chapter.

Academic Credentials

    Publication in Peered-reviewed Journals

    Daneshfar, A., Adobor, H., "The Effect of pre-existing Financial Indicators on Investor Evaluation of strategic Alliances," (2011), Competitiveness Review: An international business journal incorporating Journal of Global Competitiveness. Upcoming


    Daneshfar, A. Simyar, F., Rolleri, M. and Wnek, R., "Motives for Employee Profit Sharing Schemes in the U.S., U.K. And Canada," (2010), International Journal of Business & Economics Research. Vol 9, No 10, PP 1-9


    Daneshfar, A., Zegal, D. and Saie, J., "The Effect Of Discretionary Accruals On The Use Of Earnings Information In Different Market Cycles," (2009), Journal of Business & Economics Research, Vol 7, No 8, 2009


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    Daneshfar, A. and Adobor, H., "Management Simulations: Determining Their Effectiveness," (2006), Journal of Management Development., Vol 25: 151-168


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Curriculum Vitae