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March 5, 2014 - Campus Update

To the Campus Community, 

I'd like to provide an update on Charging Forward. This initiative, as you may recall, involves conducting a comprehensive review and assessment of academic and administrative programs in an effort to become more strategic and efficient in response to changing economic conditions and market realities. 

As I mentioned in my initial campus announcement, Charging Forward is not a cost-cutting exercise. Rather, over a multi-year period, we intend to shift resources away from programs that are no longer adequately contributing to our success so that we can make additional investments in programs that are performing exceptionally well. 

Since my last update, both Task Forces have distributed surveys to the campus community. These surveys sought feedback on the templates designed to collect information and the criteria to be used in evaluating programs. After incorporating this feedback, the Task Forces issued the revised templates to departments and programs across the University. The Task Forces offered numerous training and Q&A sessions to the campus community to assist with this process. 

The Administrative Task Force is currently reviewing their templates, which were submitted by February 10. Academic program templates will be submitted by March 10. 

Following the Task Force reviews, each academic and administrative program will be assigned one of the following five allocation categories: enhanced support, continued support, reduced support, transformation or restructuring, and candidate for phase out. An approximately equal number of programs will be placed into each category. It is important to note that the Task Forces are recommending - rather than implementing - entities. 

Both Task Forces continue to meet weekly to pore over the vast amount of data they have collected. Their task is daunting: to review and classify into quintiles almost 300 programs. They are updating their timelines for delivery and will share that information soon. 

Meanwhile, I want to again thank the members of both Task Forces - especially the co-chairs, Michael Collura and Tara L'Heureux on the academic side and Hanko Dobi and William Norton on the administrative side - for their outstanding work and dedication to this critically important endeavor. 

I look forward to keeping the campus community apprised of their progress in the coming months. 

With best wishes, 
Steve Kaplan