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Campus Update - January 28, 2013

To the Members of the Campus Community,

I want to provide an update on UNH’s prioritization initiative, which began last December with two full-day meetings involving many faculty and staff across the University. This initiative, you may recall, involves conducting a comprehensive review and assessment of academic and administrative programs in an effort to become more strategic and efficient in response to changing economic conditions and market realities. Our consultant for this project, Larry Goldstein of Campus Strategies, has led similar activities at several colleges and universities nationwide with great success.

Many of these institutions have named such initiatives to avoid confusion with other ongoing efforts such as strategic planning, accreditation reviews and capital campaigns. To that end, please note that our prioritization project will be known as the “Charging Forward” initiative. This name was agreed upon by a representative group from across the University, including deans, officers and the co-chairs of the Charging Forward task forces.

From the list of those who attended the two full-day sessions last December, the officers and I chose individuals to serve on the Administrative and Academic task forces that will guide the Charging Forward initiative. The membership of those two task forces is listed below. These two groups met individually and collectively from January 21-23 with Larry Goldstein to review their responsibilities and begin outlining their strategies. I received many positive comments thus far from Larry and the task force members.

Next week I will meet with the co-chairs of both task forces to hear their feedback and assess next steps. Soon we will unveil a Charging Forward website featuring documentation and updates regarding our progress. This site will be created and maintained by the Office of Communications and Public Affairs in conjunction with the co-chairs. Any time-sensitive information will be communicated via a “UNHAll” email. 

I want to thank the task force members who agreed to participate in Charging Forward. We will keep the campus community apprised of their critically important work.

With best wishes,
Steve Kaplan