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General Information


All players must present their valid University ID before participating in any Intramural Event. Players must sign in on the scoresheet, and then have their ID verified by the Intramural Supervisor on duty. Should a player not be verified by a staff member before entering the contest, that individual shall be considered an ineligible player for that contest. Only university of New Haven Faculty, Staff, Students, and Beckerman Center members are eligible to participate in Intramural events. Failure to produce an ID will result in the participant not being allowed to play.

Skill Level

  • Pro – most competitive division offered for players who are experienced in the sport and whose skill level is above average
  • Semi-Pro – this division is for players who skills level is average to below average or have little experience in the sport
  • *Amateur – This division is for players who are a complete beginner to a sport.

*The amateur division is brand new to RECSports and will be introduced in the Fall 2012 season. It will be the least competitive league offered and serve as an introduction to that particular sport. RECSports plans on offering the Amateur division across all four RECSports Seasons. This division will be classified as open with no limitations to the amount of Men and Women participating on a given team.

Rescheduling Procedures

In the event that you don’t have enough players to fill an intramural team for your next contest, team managers can request a schedule change to avoid a forfeit or default of a contest. The following are procedures to be taken to successfully reschedule your team’s game to a new day or new time.

  1. As soon as you know your team has conflicting schedules with the game day or time let RECSports know right away through e-mail or the RECSports Hotline 203-931-2966.
  2. Requests must be submitted at least 48 hours before the scheduled contest to the Graduate Assistant of RECSports or Director of RECSports.
  3. The team manager must be as specific as possible. E-mail or call with your name, what team you play for, the league, and division you play within, and the day and time of your game that is in conflict

Please be aware that not all games are guaranteed a reschedule. Both teams have to finalize and agree to the new proposed reschedule day and time. It will depend on field/court availability, staffing, and the availability of the other team in competition. Request rulings will be announced at least 24 hours prior to the original scheduled time and date. Team managers will be notified via e-mail. In the event of an unsuccessful reschedule the original team with the conflict will be forced to either default or forfeit their game.


If a team manager anticipates a hardship in fielding a team for a game within the above rescheduling deadline (48 hours) or is denied a rescheduling request, the team manager can declare a default. A default must be declared by at least  4 pm the day of the game, and declared by 4 pm Friday afternoon for all Sunday games. A default will cost as a loss for the team record instead of counting as a forfeit. If a team declares a second default within the season it will be considered a forfeit and $15 will be deducted from the credit/debit card on file for that team. For more information, see our accountability fee. If a team forfeits two games or matches in any one activity in a given season, that team shall be removed form the remainder of the seasons schedule, and not be eligible for the playoffs. For each and every forfeit, the team will be responsible for paying the accountability fee.