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Ultimate Frisbee Rules

Section 1. Overview

  • Each team will field a maximum of 6 players, and 4 players is needed to start an Ultimate Frisbee game
  • Players must wear shoes at all times during a match. Players may wear cleats, but they must be approved by the RECSports staff

 Section 2. The Field

  • Matches must be played with the Ultimate Frisbee provided by the RECSports staff or with an Ultimate Frisbee that is mutually agreed upon within both teams
  • Matches will be played on smaller versions of the official Ultimate Frisbee field.
  • The “line” is considered out
  1. If any part of a player or Frisbee touches the line it is considered to be out of bounds
  2. The same rules apply to the end-zone boundary lines

 Section 3. Rules/Gameplay

  • Rocks, paper, scissors between the captains will determine the throw off to start the match
  • Matches will consist of
  • Two 12 minute halves that will consist of running clocks for the duration of the game (times are subject to change based off of number of teams participating)
  1. 2 minute halftime
  2. Overtime will consist of sudden death, and throw off will be determined by Rock, Paper, Scissors
  3. Games will be played to 15 if time permits
  • Teams will have 1 time-out per half and a total of 2 for the entire game
  1. Timeouts can only be called after a score and before the throw off
  • Players can only substitute into the game after a score or during a time-out
  • On all restarts (out of bounds, only drops in the end zone, fouls) players must tap the disc on the ground or their pivot foot before restarting gameplay
  • When a player receives the disc, he or she must stop
  1. A player can only use their pivot foot to move
  2. You CAN NOT run with the disc
  3. You have 10 seconds to get rid of the disc, and this count must be done by the defense
  • Contact can NOT be made between players or with a Frisbee that is in possession of a player.
    1. However, a defender may block or knock down a disc that is in the air. If this occurs the disc changes possession and the defending team starts with the disc at that spot.

Section 4. Gameflow

  • A stall count may begin once a defender is within ten (10) feet of a player with the disc in his or her hands.  To perform a stall count a defender will start by saying “stalling one, stalling two…” and continuing on until ten.  If the defender makes it to stall 10 then he or she must then call “stall” aloud and the disc is turned over to the other team.
  • There is no contact in ultimate.  Because there are no officials, players should abide by the system of “Spirit of the Game.”  If a player believes he or she has been fouled they must say it aloud at the time of the incident and all play should stop.  If the player who committed the foul agrees that it occurred then the stall count is reset and play continues.  If the player who supposedly committed the foul does not agree players return to their positions before the foul was called and the disc returns to whoever had it at the time of the call.
  • A “pick” call that occurs when two players inadvertently run into each other (like in basketball) and play must stop.  If the disc is in the air it must be caught to retain possession.
  • If the disc flies out of bounds, possession is forfeit to the opposing team who then will walk to the sideline, establish a pivot foot and tap the disc in (either by tapping the side of the disc on the ground at their feet or having an opposing player tap the top of the disc).