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Kickball Rules

Section 1. General Rules/Overview

  • Each team consists of eight active players.
  • Six players must be present to start and finish a game.
  • Substitution is open and unlimited. They must be made at the bottom of the inning (before the start of a new inning) and the official must be made aware of who is subbing in and who is coming off.
  • All players will remain in the same batting order. The person that you sub in for you will assume that persons position in the order.
  • Your batting order will consist of eight people even if you have more people signed up on your roster, everyone who is in the field will bat
  • Since the league is open teams are not required to put a batting order together in Male, Female, Male, Female fashion like a team does for CoRecreational competition

 Section 2. Equipment/Field

  • Shoes must be worn by all players. NO metal, hard plastic, or polyurethane spikes or shoes with detachable cleats are allowed. (Soccer cleats or turf shoes acceptable)
  • Campus Recreation will supply all equipment (bases and kickball)
  • The field dimensions will be the same as they are for intramural softball, and a safety bag on first base will also be utilized in kickball (65 feet bases).

 Section 3. Game Play

  • The defense will pitch to the offense
  • The offense will get 2 pitches to try to put a ball in play
  • The in game official will have the power to deem a pitch un-kickable and can reward another pitch to the kicker
  • Any kick that is a foul ball is an out regardless of the pitch count
  • There are SIX innings in a game, or 1 hour time limit
  • This is subject to change upon discretion of the supervisor based off of overall number of teams, number of fields, and time slot provided for FNL
  • A player will be ruled out if;
  1. They get hit by the ball from the shoulders or below before reaching the base
  2. A pop fly is caught
  3. There is no infield fly rule in kickball
  4. If the base runner is off of the base before the ball is put into play by the kicker.
  5. EXCEPTION: a player who is not in a regular standing/running position and is hit in the face/head will be ruled out! (ex. bending down to avoid getting hit or the runner falling down)
  • If a ball is overthrown- players on base may only advance 1 base.
  • Baserunners are responsible for avoiding collisions with field players
  • Home/Visitor will be decided by rock/paper/scissors between the two team captains.
  • The manager or team representative must list the batting order prior to the start of the game. Score sheets are available from the REC Sports Staff at the fields.
  • No infield practice is allowed after the first inning.
  • Any player can play any position defensively.
  • Bunting will not be permitted and is a dead ball and an automatic out.