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Tournaments & Events

RECSports is offering a variety of one-time-only events in the form of tournaments, special events, and instructional-based competition. They will take place every Friday of the month, and will rotate between Friday Night Lights, Gym Class Throw Back, and Learn It Play It.. These new installments will be offered  across all four RECSports Seasons. All sports will be unique to that particular season, and can be found and registered for on IMLeagues a week prior to the scheduled day of the contest

Tournaments count towards Quest points and Quest rosters.

Fall Semester FNL and GCT rules can be found here.

Activity  Program Registration Dates  Play Begins 
 Kickball FNL August 22 - August 30  August 30 
 Fit For Duty Special Event   August 23 - September 9  September 10 
Table Tennis GCT September 2 - September 13 September 13
Ultimate Frisbee FNL September 16 - September 27 September 27
Big Pink Volleyball GCT September 23 - October 4 October 4
Softball Tournament FNL October 14 - October 25 October 25
Badminton GCT October 28 - November 8 November 8
Flag Rugby FNL November 11 - November 22 November 22
Turkey Trot Special Event November 4 - November 23 November 23
Soccer Tennis GCT November 25 - December 6 December 6


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