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Cancellation Policy

We hate to see you go!  However, if you would like to cancel your membership, please read the following cancellation policy. You may pick up a cancellation form at the Beckerman Recreation Center or click here to download a copy.

You can email the form to, give it to Membership Services in person, or fax it to 203-931-6022.

Click here to download a Cancellation Form

Membership Cancellation

General Information

  • Any membership may be cancelled within seven (7) days from the activation date to receive a full refund.  Beyond the 7-day trial period, certain policies apply based on membership type. Please see membership-specific cancellation policies below for more information.
  • Members must provide written notice of cancellation to the Operations Coordinator using the ChargerREC Cancellation Form.
  • Forms are available at the Welcome Desk or you may download and print one by clicking on Cancellation Form.
  • Forms may be submitted by e-mail to the Operations Coordinator at chargerrec@newhaven.edusubmitted in-person to the Welcome Desk, or by fax at 203-931-6022.
  • A confirmation email will be sent to the provided email address within five (5) business days of submitting the cancellation form. This email will provide the official cancellation date.
  • Members are responsible for any current balances at the time of cancellation. Any charges posted on the account during the cancellation process will be the responsibility of the Member.
  • The cancellation process is dependent on membership and payment type. Please see membership-specific policies below.
  • Any exceptions to the cancellation policy must be authorized by the Director of Campus Recreation. 
  • The Department of Campus Recreation reserves the right to make a decision on any cancellation and/or refund scenarios not addressed in this policy.
  • Refunds will not be given for lack of use. 
  • Membership refunds will not be given for holiday/event closings, facility/ emergency closures, etc.

Faculty/ Staff Payroll Deduction

  • Upon receiving the cancellation form, the member will be assigned an official cancellation date and and an official cancellation form will be sent to the Business Office to end payroll deduction.
  • The exact end date of payroll deduction will be determined by the business office.
  • Faculty and staff ending their affiliation with the University of New Haven must cancel their membership upon leaving the University; if the membership is not cancelled, they will still be responsible for any charges on the account.

Repetitive Memberships

  • Membership accounts that are three (3) months past due will be terminated.  All charges and balances will be the responsibility of the member.
  • Membership dues will not be prorated.  Members are responsible for the full payment of the membership billing cycle. Repetitive Memberships billing cycles begin the second day of the month for the current month (for example, the payment on January 2nd covers all of January).

Upfront Memberships

  • Members who purchase an upfront membership (1-month, 4-month, or 12-month) are not eligible for early cancellations or refunds, with the exception of faculty/staff who are no longer employed by the University.
  • Any faculty/staff member that is no longer employed by the University (not including retirees) will be provided a refund prorated for the unused membership period.

Guests and Day Use Passes

  • Guest and Day-Use passes will be provided refunds only during emergency/unanticipated closures.
  • Any guest who violates any policy or procedure which leads to their removal from the facility will not be given a refund.

Locker Cancellation

  • Any rental can be cancelled within seven (7) days from the activation date with a full refund. Beyond the seven day trial period, normal cancellation policy will be followed.
  • Written notification is required to process any cancellation. A verbal conversation will not constitute a cancellation. You may download and print a Cancellation Form.
  • Refunds will not be given for lack of use. 
  • Rentals that are three (3) months past due on payment will be terminated.  The locker will be emptied at the expense of the member, and all charges and balances will be the responsibility of the member.