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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Club Sports?

The University of New Haven Club Sports program consists of various recognized student organizations, which have a desire to develop students’ skills and interests for specific sports of a recreational and athletic nature.  Each Club Sport must compete, or have plans to compete, on the intercollegiate level, regionally or nationally, within a recognized national governing body.  Involvement with Club Sports is voluntary and participants not only reap the rewards of athletic competition, but they also gain skills in collaboration, leadership, problem-solving, and financial management.

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What are the differences between Varsity sports, RECSports and Club Sports?

The biggest differences between the programs are their levels of competition and commitment.

Varsity sports are exclusive. They have the highest level of competition and commitment. Varsity teams have mandatory practices and games and team members are recruited by the university.

Club Sports is made up of a group of university-recognized sport clubs. Each Club Sports team belongs to a national governing body, so they compete regionally against other schools’ club sports teams. Club Sports  may or may not have a yearlong membership commitment. They are also managed by students -- practices and meetings are organized by club officers.

RECSports is the University of New Haven intramural sports program. It is the least competitive of the three programs. RECSports is a series of games played for 4-6 weeks by the members of the University of New Haven community.

Who can join a Club Sport?

All students enrolled in the University of New Haven are welcome to join club sports!

Rugby PlayerDo I have to tryout to join a Club Sport?

It varies by the club you are interested in. Some clubs do have tryouts while others do not. However, the opportunity to play a sport is always available!

How do I join a Club Sport? 

Joining a current club sport is simple! Either come out to the club's next practice or contact the club about your interest. All club and contact information can be found here. If you are having trouble joining a club, contact the Club Sports Assistant at! Don't forget to fill out a waiver too!

How can I start a Club Sport?

First and foremost, all Club Sports teams are USGA-recognized student organizations. In order to start a Club Sports team, the club must first apply to be a University-recognized student organization. Directions as to how to become a University-recognized organization can be found here!

Once the club is USGA-recognized, set up an appointment with ChargerREC and the Office of Student Activities to discuss the possibilities of becoming a club sport.

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How are the clubs funded?

The Clubs are funded by USGA, membership dues, Club Sport donations, and the Club’s own fundraising projects.

How much does it cost to join a club?

Membership dues vary by clubs and their needs. Contact each specific club to find out more.

How can I get more information on Club Sports?

Just email with any questions! All information for the clubs are located here!

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