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At the University of New Haven, our students come first, and their personal and professional development is our primary focus. Our unique educational approach and distinguished academic programs ensure that our students excel at whatever it is they choose to do.

The University of New Haven Uniquely Positions You for Success

“I feel I am going to get a great education and get unique opportunities that other schools can’t offer.” - Maria Maisonet ’23, Communication



Cultivating a Culture of Innovation

Innovation isn’t just a buzzword at the University of New Haven. It is a concept we embody. The development of our Bergami Center for Science, Technology, and Innovation – a state-of-the-art facility scheduled to open in early 2020 that will feature the most technologically advanced learning resources – will take this commitment to a whole new level.


Million invested in new construction and technology over the last decade.


Percentage of alumni who report they are succeeding in their chosen fields within six years.


Number of English-language daily newspapers — out of the top 12 in the world — that quote our faculty regularly.

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Within our colleges and schools, we offer a wide range of innovative and interdisciplinary programs that prepare you for the jobs of the future. We will help you turn your passion into a rewarding life and a fulling career.

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Picking a college is one of the biggest decisions you will make. At the University of New Haven, we understand that, and we are here to help. Let us tell you about The Charger Advantage and show you why success starts here.


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Alumni Spotlight

Breanna Craft ‘07

After earning a Ph.D., graduate returns to the University to teach next generation.

Alumni Spotlight

James & Leona Clerkin

Going to the University of New Haven and getting my master’s opened me up to a whole new career and profession,” says James Clerkin ’99 M.S.

Alumni Spotlight

Chazz Mair ‘18

My time at the University helped me to form a strong sense of purpose.