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Undeclared / Exploratory

Don’t know or unsure of which major to choose?  That’s okay (really)!

We can help you make the choice that is right for you!

If you don’t know which major to choose or feel uncertain about one you are leaning towards, you are not alone.  For many students, entering college as an Exploratory student is an excellent way to begin a successful college career.  In fact, there can be real advantages to starting out Exploratory. 

Most freshmen surveyed quietly admit they aren’t sure of which major they want to pursue and, nationwide, more than half of all college students change their major, many several times!  However, when Exploratory students choose a major, statistics show they are less likely to change than students who come in declared.  UNH has a proactive program for Exploratory students that provides extensive support to help you find the major that is right for you.

At UNH, exploring majors is a collaborative process.  Students immediately begin working one-on-one with experienced advisors and counselors.  Together, they explore students’ interests, skills, and values; the vital first step in making successful choices.  Students also learn about program options and opportunities, which often are far more extensive than they realize.  Along with classes that fulfill core course requirements and keep them on track for graduation, students can take classes that give them a chance to explore possible majors

With nearly 100 majors and 50 minors, a nationally recognized Experiential Education program, and a dedicated program in which Exploratory students work one-on-one with experienced advisors and counselors, UNH is an ideal place to discover the major that is right for you!  Exploration leads to discovery!

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