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Student Testimonials

Dietetic Program Testimonials:

"As a transfer student, UNH and Georgia have made the transition smooth, helping me each step of the way. Coming from an English and women's studies background, I thought dietetics would be a lot harder, but having such support from teachers and my peers helped me to dive headfirst into the field."  Karen, Class of 2009

"After attending another university, coming to University of New Haven to participate in the Nutrition and Dietetics program has been amazing for me so far. The professors are all very experienced and have different backgrounds, which has definitely opened my eyes to all the different job opportunities available in this field. The classes are fun and the students in the program are great and so friendly. At the last university I attended I felt like just a number and here I really feel like the faculty and administrators go that extra mile to help you reach whatever goal you have set for yourself."  Ineke, Class of 2009 

"The nutrition and dietetics program enabled me to further my education and career. I highly recommend this program to students who are thinking about pursuing a career in health promotion."  Harriet, Class of 2008

"I loved the small class size at UNH. I also felt that all my instructors showed respect and care for their students and that they truly enjoyed teaching. I looked forward to going to class and have taken away very practical, real-world knowledge."  Chris, Class of 2007

"I really enjoyed the program for several reasons: great professors, great classmates, and very interesting classes. My experience at UNH was great!"  Marcia, Class of 2006

"The classes were one on one and the courses were very personal and lots of fun. Going to a private university is so much nicer because the attention you receive helps you learn much more and is a worthwhile experience I just loved it there. I used to look forward to going to class. It is a great school. The professors really do care."  Jeannie, Class of 2006