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River Deep - Mountain High (Cover)

Vocal Performance in the Recording Studio was a course Terri Lane created at UNH and was born from her extensive experience as a recording artist. The course teaches students not only to sing lead vocals in a studio environment, but also background vocals, which she says is an art unto itself.

"These skills can be very valuable with the millions of songwriters out there that need vocalists to sing on their songs. The course is still relatively new, but enrollment has increased each semester since it was introduced." Terri said.

In fall 2013, Terri asked her students if they would like to participate together in a special enrichment assignment, where they would all sing lead and backing vocals as an ensemble. "They were very excited about it, and they scheduled a couple of rehearsals, then the recording sessions." Terri produced and engineered all of the recording projects.

Listen to it here: