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Career Placement for History

Career Placement
A B.A. in history is excellent preparation for careers in business, government, law, journalism, foreign service, and education, or any position where college graduates with thorough knowledge of historical methodology and good critical and analytic skills are welcomed. Graduates of the UNH history program are now successful lawyers, business managers, educational administrators, and entrepreneurs.

Graduate School
The History Department prepares its students for further graduate work by teaching not just content but critical and writing skills through reading, class presentations, class discussion, research, and writing. Historical methodology is stressed in all advanced courses; students take a history seminar in their senior year to sharpen their critical and analytical skills. A major in history provides an outstanding foundation for continued education in fields such as these:

  • Teaching
  • Law School
  • Business
  • Public Affairs
  • Theology
  • Museums and Archives
  • Communication and Writing
  1. Blaze Your Path

    Our Career Development Center offers full career development services to help our students, as well as our alumni, learn how to effectively manage and develop their careers.