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Environmental Science Faculty & Resources

Faculty and Resources

  • Members of the faculty have active, externally funded research programs that provide diverse opportunities for student research.
  • Fully equipped laboratories provide resources for study of geographic information systems (GIS) and biochemistry.
  • Advanced courses include topics in GIS, bioremediation, risk assessment, wetlands ecology, hazardous materials management, landscape ecology, hydrology, groundwater geology, and advanced environmental geology.
  • Emphasis is placed on field work, with experiences enhanced by a five-acre salt marsh system for coastal studies and affiliation with the Gerace Research Center on San Salvador Island, Bahamas.
  • Cooperation with the UNH graduate program in environmental engineering enhances the environmental science curriculum.

Awards and Recognition

  • The Nature Conservancy recognizes our contributions to the development of a geographic information system to support efforts for managing the lower Connecticut River.
  • This program has earned additional recognition for assisting various area environmental groups in addressing environmental problems and issues as part of our hands-on approach to education.
  • Environmental science students have won prestigious national fellowships for study abroad and scholarships from external organizations.

Program Faculty

Additional Faculty and Professional Associates

Program Support Staff