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Message from the Sigma Tau Delta Officers

     Sigma Tau Delta is a place on the University of New Haven’s campus for members to bond over their passions for literature and writing.  Members are driven, devoted students who work diligently to promote literacy, community service, campus involvement, and leadership.

As we now enter the 2015-2016 school year, the new e-board is working diligently to bring Sigma Tau Delta back from the same brink we faced our first year.  While we are still recognized by the Office of Student Activities and are a Blue-Status club in the Undergraduate Student Government Association, our numbers have dwindled because of limited visibility on campus. The new e-board has set a goal to encourage not only English majors and minors, but anyone eligible, no matter his or her major, to join Sigma Tau Delta.  This expansion is hopefully a step in the right direction to make Sigma Tau Delta a notable force on the University of New Haven’s campus.  Our events, ranging from opportunities for individuals on campus to read their writing to finding a new book to cuddle up with during the cold winter months, will help us build our community.

It’s fair to say that this chapter has come a
long way, but we couldn’t have done it without each other. We are a team. Our goal has been to create a community for students within the English Department and now beyond it. 
Some of the e-board will be leaving after this year, but we hope that we’ve set in motion a strong movement forward for our chapter. The English department has always been small:
a quiet corner on the campus where strange and interesting classes take place,
somewhere other students venture for cores, but then often drift away. From now on we
want to ensure that literature and writing go beyond our small classes and our small department.  Sigma Tau Delta became a
place to call home for English majors when
it was founded.  Now it can be a place to call home for anyone who has a passion for literature or writing in the English language,
no matter the major.  These changes are radical, but we believe they will allow Sigma
Tau Delta to thrive long after this e-board has left.