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Internship Opportunities for English Majors

The English Department offers credit for paid and unpaid internships in fields related to the major in English.

You must be an English major or minor to receive department credit. Students in our program have recently held internships within publishing, social justice agencies, and museums. Positions were in editorial, administration, education and writing.

The primary purpose of an internship is to provide the student with an opportunity for experiential learning. An internship should offer the student the opportunity to enhance their academic knowledge, further their education, and improve their personal/ professional development.

Below are some recent post-interviews with English majors/minors from UNH.

Internships Introduction: Dr. Randall Horton

Student Interview: Kaitlyn Frakl

Student Interview: Jasmine Penny

  1. Interested in an Internship?

    Students interested in registering for ENGL 4480 Internship should contact Dr. Randall Horton at