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    Communication, Film and Media Studies

We have so much to offer, and we can’t wait to meet you.

The best way to experience the Communication, Film and Media Studies program at the University of New Haven is to come see it for yourself. Attend our special Communication Open House on February 12 or March 25. You can try the equipment or tape a commercial to post to your Instagram page. And we'll give you a t-shirt to show off your Charger Pride. Just indicate your preferred date in the short form on this page.

Meet our Stars

Tom GarrettStudy with Celebrated Hollywood Filmmaker

John Travolta. Spike Lee. Quentin Tarantino. Those are just some of the names Tom Garrett, the chair of the University of New Haven’s communication, film and media studies department, has worked with during his distinguished, multi-faceted media career.

He attends the Cannes Film Festival in France every year, often with students in tow, an annual event he looks forward to continuing with his University of New Haven students.

While at Cannes, his students don’t simply watch movies. They work at internships with major commercial production studios such as Lionsgate, Miramax and Paramount. They see first-hand how deals get done during those two weeks in May, when, according to Garrett, “90 percent of the film business takes place.” And thanks to Garrett’s relationship with Jerome Paillard, executive director of the Marche du Film, they get invited to swanky, insider-only previews where “Brad Pitt could be sitting two seats in front of them. It can be pretty life-changing,” Garrett said.

Bruce BarberA Connecticut Radio Legend

Bruce Barber got his start in radio while still in college. Before long, he was hooked.

“It was college radio that started me,” he said. "In a lot of ways, that made my life. And that's what we want to offer our students - the opportunity to find the same passion that I did.”

Bruce is the popular general manager for the University of New Haven’s WNHU, a station that is regularly named the best college radio station in the region in the annual Best of New Haven Readers’ Poll.

Barber is perhaps best known as a co-host of the “Smith and Barber Morning Show,” which ran on WPLR in New Haven for nearly 18 years. “College radio really existed in the past as a way for students to experiment and learn,” he continued. “I want to take that, which we’re doing, and expand on it. If just one student gets to have the same opportunities that I had, it’s a win for me. I think it is going to be a lot more than one before we are all said and done.”

Focus on the Media Career of Your Choice

We offer both a Bachelor of Arts in Communication and a Bachelor of Science in Communication, both of which arm you with highly marketable production and performance skills. Each degree has its own micro-concentrations so that you can focus or “try on” on the media career of your choice:

B.A. Concentrations

  • Digital Media
  • Interpersonal Communication
  • Journalism
  • Public Relations

B.S. Concentrations

  • Film Production
  • TV/Video Production

Learn more by visiting our Communication, Film and Media studies page >

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